Urban Mobility: Discover 5 Trends of the Future

What might the urban mobility of tomorrow look like? In order to be able to correctly categorise the present and the trends of the future, we must venture on a journey through time.

Busting myths about electric cars

Lack of driver appeal, expensive, dangerous – myths abound about electric cars.

Evolution of driver assistance systems

Driver assistance systems are an indispensable part of modern vehicles. In the foreseeable future they will further develop into complex systems.

Armoured cars: one engineer is having a blast

BMW employs some 130,000 people. One of them has the job of shooting at and blowing up cars.

Foreign brands circle Federal fleet

By Julian Bajkowski The small but highly symbolic market of prestige saloons used to ferry around ministers, mayors and senior government officials is poll position to be the first replaced by upmarket European brands like Audi, BMW, Mercedes and Volkswagen after Holden’s shuttering of its Australian factories. As the ramifications of Holden’s announcement that it […]

Could Abbott be issued a Camry?

Analysis: Julian Bajkowski Cost conscious Prime Minister Tony Abbott and hundreds of his fellow parliamentarians could soon have to get to work in a more humble Toyota Camry if Holden stops manufacturing operations in Australia. At least that’s the case if previous local vehicle procurement preferences for the federal sector are maintained. As prestige European […]

Salary sacrifice confidence returns to government employees

By Julian Bajkowski Australia’s leading provider of public sector salary packaging services, Smartgroup Investments, believes that business and employee confidence has bounced back following the Federal Election, with government car lessees now shopping around again. At a briefing in Sydney on Monday, Smartgroup chief executive, Deven Billimoria, said inquiry levels for novated vehicle leases from […]

Prime Minister’s protectors reverse over Ford

By Julian Bajkowski Former Prime Minister Julia Gillard and her erstwhile Industry Minister Greg Combet might want local governments to buy Australian-made vehicles to support the domestic manufacturing, but it's a very different story for the cars that closely tail the PM's official marque plated C*1. Less than a fortnight after top level pressure was […]


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