Evolution of driver assistance systems

Driver assistance systems relieve the driver of the task of driving, but the liability always remains with the driver.

Driver assistance systems are an indispensable part of modern vehicles. In the foreseeable future they will further develop into complex systems, leaving the task of driving and liability to the vehicle. Depending on the system and stage of development, active driver participation when desired will be required less and less, and eventually not at all.

What is a driver assistance system?

Driver assistance systems relieve the driver of the task of driving, offer more comfort and increase safety. In an emergency, a driver assistance system can even take control of the car. Liability for the task of driving always remains with the driver.

Status quo driver assistance systems

Currently, driver assistance systems act as practical support. Sensors capture information on, for example, speed limits, the distance to other vehicles and lane markings. Also, GPS and navigation system data feeds into the processing. Thanks to this data, audio signals or visual displays can warn against potentially hazardous situations.

There are already developed systems which not only warn you but also actively support you through the vehicle management when needed or desired. Some driver assistance systems brake or accelerate and provide active steering impulses during monotonous or critical driving situations to avoid an accident or relieve the driver. Other systems support you when manoeuvring or parking.

Overview of driver assistance systems

Hill start assist
Road sign recognition
Emergency brake assist
Steering and lane guidance assist
Cruise control
Distance control
Speed limit assist
Lane-change warning & lane-change assist
Parking assist    

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