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Government News is Australia’s only independent website dedicated to all levels of government.

It is dedicated to bringing together relevant news, interviews, and case studies to government decision makers and those in public office.

Widely read and respected, Government News covers news and management issues, in depth analysis, innovation and best practice examples from around the world in all aspects of government operations.

It also provides a unique platform for sourcing goods and services in the fields of ICT, health and wellbeing, HR, education, public works, roads and transport, security, emergency services and finance.

Government News is essential reading for government decision makers at local, state and federal levels – including CEOs, department heads, CIOs and purchasing and procurement officers.

The website enhances Government News’ role as an information exchange, with FREE eNews sent to subscribers each week.

Government News is published by The Intermedia Group, a Sydney-based publishing house with a portfolio of more than 25 titles.