Armoured cars: one engineer is having a blast

BMW employs some 130,000 people. One of them has the job of shooting at and blowing up cars.

Daniel Huber is BMW’s engineer for armoured vehicles and bulletproof vehicles. Born in Munich, he is responsible for the complete protection of the passenger cabin and therefore the safety and wellbeing of those inside the vehicle.

Daniel Huber has been working at BMW since 2011. His latest product is the BMW X5 Protection VR6, a bulletproof vehicle with a VR6 ballistic protection rating that can withstand fire from an AK-47 assault rifle and provide protection from explosives.

Read on for an exclusive insight into his sometimes explosive profession here.


Five things to know about BMW armoured vehicles


  • What is the name of BMW’s new armoured SUV?

It’s called the BMW X5 Protection VR6, the successor to the BMW X5 Security and BMW X5 Security Plus. It was unveiled at the IAA in Frankfurt in 2019.


  • How much does a bulletproof BMW weigh?

The additional weight depends on how much of the car is armoured and what equipment is included. The armour of the VR6 class weighs around 800kg.


  • Do armoured vehicles have a special engine?

No. BMW’s bulletproof vehicles are equipped with the most powerful production engines for their class. The BMW X5 Protection VR6 has the 390kW engine from the BMW X5 M50i.


  • Where are BMW armoured vehicles built?

The base vehicle for the BMW X5 Protection VR6 is built at the BMW factory in Spartanburg, while the retrofitting for the armoured vehicle is done at the BMW factory in Mexico.


  • How much does a BMW bulletproof vehicle cost?

There are no general prices for these cars. All prices are available upon request.

Contact for a personalised quote.


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