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Place Branding Australia set for Vivid return

Place branding can be a powerful tool for councils, and unpacking how to access it will be an underlying theme of this year's Place Branding Australia conference.

Queensland invention aids manufacturing safety and productivity

A Pullenvale Queensland inventor, Charles Shuter, won Wednesday night’s episode (March 7) of the popular ABC series The New Inventors, with a valve locking device that could improve the safety and productivity in manufacturing plants. "The device effectively locks valves in a safe, closed position and prevents extremely dangerous liquids penetrating through them during maintenance […]

Sydney cost of living double Brisbane and Adelaide report says

By Adam Coleman A new report from the University of Queensland has compared the cost of living in Australia’s capital cities and found Adelaide and Brisbane cheaper to live in than Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. “This report will throw some perspective on the cost of living in the capital cities, comparing housing costs, salaries and […]

Picking up pieces of litter strategy

By Staff Writer The Victorian Government is asking for community feedback on ideas about how it can develop and implement an improved litter strategy to reduce and prevent litter in the state. Public consultation will be open until 4.00 pm on Friday April 13, 2007. A number of issues have been identified in a Litter […]

Australia ranks nineteenth in international competitiveness report

By Adam Coleman Australia has been ranked ninteenth in an international report on global competitiveness behind Switzerland, Finland and Sweden, which topped the list followed by Denmark, Singapore and the United States. The Global Competitiveness Report 2006-2007 recognises national competitiveness as the set of factors, policies and institutions that determine the level of productivity of […]

Queensland school gets water wise

By Adam Coleman In response to south-east Queensland's growing water crisis a Brisbane state school has developed an innovative water management system to slash more than two million litres a year from its water use, while educating students about the importance of sustainability. The New Farm State School water conservation project consists of a 95,000 litre […]

Bowler latest WA minister to resign

By Staff Writer John Bowler has resigned from his position as WA Minister for Local Government, Racing and Gaming and from the State Parliamentary Labor Party. He is the fourth minister asked to resign in nine months. Premier Alan Carpenter said in a statement that there was evidence before the state’s Corruption and Crime Commission […]

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Culverts: Delivering Streams of innovation

Mostly unseen, culverts allow waterways to flow while supporting roads and rail networks. Many culverts are now ripe for attention, highlighting the essential role they play in our Regional and Metro infrastructure.

Seeking greater innovation, optimised services and operational excellence?

Seeking greater innovation, optimised services and operational excellence? Service integration and management could be the answer!


That’s using plastic for good

Not all plastics are the same. Take engineered plastic pipes. Unlike single use plastics, plastic pipes are long-life products, not single use, made from materials engineered to be robust, reliable, recyclable with a service life in excess of 100 years.



Secure, Sustainable, Local: Acer Leads

Acer emphasises local manufacturing in Western Sydney, uniting advanced security with innovation to support government operations. This strategic focus enhances quality, sustainability, and job creation, showcasing Acer's commitment to empowering Australia's future.