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Place-branding your way back from disaster

Place Branding Australia offers two days of informative workshops and inspirational speakers who’ll share insights on how they’re using their unique brands to stimulate the local economy, boost social cohesion and recover from disaster.

Full and proper disclosure

By Kim Powell in Sydney The NSW Government has released updated guidelines regarding the declaration of all pecuniary interests at council meetings. The announcement was made by the Minister for Local Government Kerry Hickey at the NSW Shires Association annual conference held in Sydney in June. Mr Hickey told delegates that in recent cases, the […]

Spend it sensibly

By Jane Garcia No matter how hard you try does there always ends up being some mouldy green thing in the back of your refrigerator that might have started life as a fruit or vegetable? Or do you find yourself buying yet another bottle of conditioner when you already have two or three at home? […]

Healthy living

By Kim Powell Seven million Australians are overweight, and two million of us are obese. Our well-rounded figures indicate that two in three Australian males aged over the age of 25 are now overweight, and physical activity is the second biggest risk factor for disease in this country, second only to tobacco smoking. The financial […]

Tackling the taboo

By Kim Powell Illegal drugs. It seems not a week goes by without the issue making the news. The South Australian Democrats leader Sandra Kanck stirred the debate in May by saying that the refusal to allow partygoers to test drugs at dance parties is counter-productive to minimising harm and that people will continue to […]

An impressive street approach

By Jane Garcia  Does your street furniture reflect the values and aspirations of your community? Is it creating a sense of ‘this is a place people want to be’? Ian Dryden is an industrial designer with the City of Melbourne. For more than 19 years he has helped create and implement a range of furniture […]

Green report for the public

By Jane Garcia Government departments and agencies have done well at tracking environmental and social data but not so good at turning this information into a well developed report which can demonstrate what it means, according to a sustainability reporting expert. Linda Funnel-Milner is the director of Corporate Responsibility Australia and the chair of stakeholder […]

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Top CIO challenges for 2024

Kinetic IT is a leading Australian IT provider, delivering tailored solutions to federal, state and territory government customers including the Department of Defence, Australian Taxation Office, Victoria Police, Western Australian Police Force, WA Department of Justice, WA Department of Education and Qantas.

Australians call for more payment flexibility from local councils

New research shows many Australians are frustrated by limited local government payment options, presenting a huge opportunity for councils to heed the call for more flexibility.


Getting strategic about capital planning

Capital planning is about identifying and prioritising infrastructure and asset needs over a medium to long term period. For councils, it’s an indispensable tool for ensuring you can meet the needs of your communities in a sustainable and affordable way.



That’s using plastic for good

The Plastics Industry Pipe Association of Australia (PIPA) was founded in 1999 and are the peak industry body representing manufacturers and suppliers of plastics pipe and fittings, plastic resin suppliers, fabricators, pipeline installations, rubber seal ring manufacturers along with training and certification bodies.