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Place Branding Australia set for Vivid return

Place branding can be a powerful tool for councils, and unpacking how to access it will be an underlying theme of this year's Place Branding Australia conference.

Governments need rethink on ageing services: report

By Staff Writer A global research report: Serving the Ageing Citizen has found Australia is well ahead of most OECD countries in responding to an ageing population, but suggests a rethink is required to fund public services in the future. According to Deloitte’s global managing director for the public sector, Greg Pellegrino, Australia identified the […]

Easing back into work

By Staff Writer A new project will help alleviate ageing workforce issues by creating a path for older people into the health and care areas of local government. Dr Libby Brooke, from Swinburne University’s Business, Work and Ageing Centre for Research, has recently been granted a VicHealth Research Fellowship to fund a project aiming to attract […]

Plan for renewed energy

By Jane Garcia Knox City Council in Victoria aims to employ a revolving energy fund as part of a strategy to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 30 per cent by 2010. To achieve this vision, the council must reduce emissions from its buildings, fleet, streetlights and waste disposal by a little more than 4000 […]

Action required to address project manager shortage

By Staff Writer Immediate action is needed to respond to the project management skills-shortage and organisations must be prepared to make the investment to cultivate project manager capability for the long term, says a leading project management consultant. Michael Young has worked as a professional project manager for eight years and is currently working in […]

Douglas Shire Council gets reprieve on sacking

By Adam Coleman North Queensland’s Douglas Shire Council has received a reprieve after ‘showing cause’ as to why it should not be dissolved, but it still has to prove it is on the road to recovery. Local Government and Planning Minister, Andrew Fraser, issued the council with a ‘show cause’ notice following two separate investigations […]

Genia McCaffery joins Climate Change Coalition

By Staff Writer The president of the NSW Local Government Association and mayor of North Sydney, Genia McCaffery, has joined the Climate Change Coalition team for the upcoming State Election.  The coalition brings together independent candidates aiming to address climate change’s impacts on daily life. "We need an unequivocal commitment from our political leaders to […]

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Culverts: Delivering Streams of innovation

Mostly unseen, culverts allow waterways to flow while supporting roads and rail networks. Many culverts are now ripe for attention, highlighting the essential role they play in our Regional and Metro infrastructure.

Seeking greater innovation, optimised services and operational excellence?

Seeking greater innovation, optimised services and operational excellence? Service integration and management could be the answer!


That’s using plastic for good

Not all plastics are the same. Take engineered plastic pipes. Unlike single use plastics, plastic pipes are long-life products, not single use, made from materials engineered to be robust, reliable, recyclable with a service life in excess of 100 years.



Secure, Sustainable, Local: Acer Leads

Acer emphasises local manufacturing in Western Sydney, uniting advanced security with innovation to support government operations. This strategic focus enhances quality, sustainability, and job creation, showcasing Acer's commitment to empowering Australia's future.