CASE STUDY: On-site Vending Machines – A Safe Solution

Many of us could relate to this scenario: We’re out and about and feeling thirsty when suddenly we walk past a vending machine full of drink options, and moments later we’re gratefully downing a water, juice, or flavoured milk. Great!

As cyber threats rise, businesses can no longer manage threats alone

With the frequency and threat of cyber attacks skyrocketing over the past decade, effective cyber security has grown beyond the resources of individual organisations and in-house IT teams.

Car maker’s ambitious sustainability plan puts it ahead of the pack

When the birth of the modern environmental movement was celebrated around the globe on World Earth Day in April, Luxury car maker BMW celebrated by recording exponential sales growth figures for its electrified models. That’s no coincidence. BMW Group is contributing to the acceleration of the “electromobility revolution” and supporting a more sustainable approach to […]

Increasing appetite for EVs fuels sales growth

The sales growth of BMW Group battery electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids is reflecting the growing increase in the appetite for the vehicles in Australia. On both a global and local level, BMW Group is seeing considerable growth in its model portfolio and a rapid expansion in registrations of electrified products. Here in Australia, registrations […]

Becoming the greenest car brand in the world

Ten sustainability initiatives that make BMW the greenest car brand in the world: The BMW Group has well established plans to dramatically reduce its emissions and impact on the planet. Targets include reducing the carbon footprint compared with 2019 levels per vehicle by 2030 via the following means: in production by 80 per cent, during […]

Ten questions with Graham Cree, BMW Corporate Sales Manager Government & Rental

GN: Why should government fleet operators be considering EVs and what should they be looking for during procurement? In a rapidly changing world with shifting requirements and greater consciousness about environmental protection, it is about reducing carbon emissions and meeting any current and future fleet emissions targets and sustainability policies. Putting EVs at the top […]

A deep dive into cloud transition from Government News and Civica

The demand for deeper and more involved community engagement is accelerating at a pace that threatens to exceed the capacity of government to meet those demands.

Synchronous jacking system helps lighten the load

For the ultimate peace of mind when it comes to heavy-duty lifting, a synchronous jacking system is the best solution.

The incredible evolution of the humble light pole

With an estimated 2.4 million street lamp lights in service across Australia, there’s lots at stake when a city, town or council area considers how it should best provide public illumination.

Australian-made climate positive Olympic hockey turf

As we celebrate the start of the thirty-second Olympiad in Tokyo this week, Poligras by Polytan is reflecting upon over 40 years of being Hockey’s Best Partner.


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