Talking turf with an industry leader

Paul Kamphuis, General Manager of Polytan Asia Pacific, outlines some innovations in synthetic turf, and why councils should be taking notice.

50 years of surface solutions

Synthetic sports surface provider Polytan, which celebrates fifty years of surfacing solutions this year, will showcase its most cutting edge technology at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

Consumers demand personalised experience from government

Delivering a high-quality customer experience (CX) to constituents, the growing demands for online, mobile and voice security, changing call-centre environments and the impact of digital disruption are some of the issues keeping the government sector up at night. However, these challenges are not isolated to the public sector, they’re being seen far and wide. A […]

The Difference Between Data Governance and IT Governance

Cindy Ng compares and contrasts IT and data governance, which are inextricably connected and vital to an organization’s operations.

Sustainable solutions for tenants: the final frontier

Embedded energy networks enable buildings to generate their own energy, distributed to those occupying the site, so developers and asset owners can take lifecycle responsibility for energy use on their projects.

Australian Notifiable Data Breach Scheme, Explained

Cindy Ng looks at the detail of Australia’s new data breach scheme and what the new rules mean for organisations. 

What is Spear Phishing?

As agencies report a massive surge in spear phishing against executives,  Jeff Petters looks at the different types of phishing and gives tips for avoiding an attack. 

The business risk of Shadow IT

Recent high-profile security breaches highlight the dangers of using email as an unsecure communications channel with individuals outside an organisation.

The State of CryptoWall in 2018

The CryptoWall virus is cheap and easy to use, spreads fast, and people continue to pay the ransom hoping to get their files back, writes Jeff Petters.

Eliminate urine stains & odours

Clorox® Urine Remover is specially formulated to eliminate odours, not just mask them. The hydrogen peroxide-based formula has intense cleaning power to remove smells and stains on both hard and soft surfaces!

Focus on what you do best

Blackwoods Inventory Solutions will help you better manage inventory, reduce cost, free up capital and improve productivity.


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