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Australia’s Nation Brand delivers huge value on the global stage, at no cost to you

‘What do you represent? What’s your unique identity?’ Without even realising it, you’ve asked and answered those questions hundreds of times since you woke up this morning.

Every face, every trademarked graphic triggers a flood of associations that flash across your brain in millionths of a second. What remains is a feeling and a set of expectations — in effect, a brand.

Places from local neighbourhoods to whole countries also have brands. Even if you’ve never travelled there you likely have a perception about which is more romantic, Paris or Pittsburgh, and which is more tech-savvy, South Korea or Serbia.

So much more than g’days, beaches and koalas

For decades Australia’s global image was ‘friendly people, beautiful landscape, quirky wildlife’. But our story is so much more than that. We drive breakthroughs in science, technology, medicine and renewable energy and materials. We offer world-class products, education, culture and entertainment. And we are home to the world’s oldest continuous cultures.

The Nation Brand logo references the past and the future

To effectively communicate that picture, and harness its power, Australia’s Nation Brand was launched in 2022.

It was the result of extensive research and collaboration between brand experts, businesses and industry associations, cultural organisations, federal, state and territory governments, and Australia’s Nation Brand Advisory Council, consisting of heavy-hitters such as Atlassian’s Mike Cannon-Brookes, Fortescue’s Andrew Forrest and former Vogue Editor-in-Chief Edwina McCann. It is approved by the Australian Government for use promoting or marketing Australia in international communications and events — a powerful way of presenting a unifying image of Australia.

Australia’s Nation Brand now delivers great impact for 776 diverse organisations, large and small, from Study Australia and Avocadoes Australia to Trade and Investment Queensland. They’re benefitting from the ultimate co-brand to elevate their offerings; a marketing tool valued at more than A$400 billion  that doesn’t cost them a cent.

Quantifying brand value, including Place Brand Effect

Australia’s Nation Brand ranking is currently 9th in the world on the Anholt-Ipsos Nation Brands Index. The value of that Brand has been calculated by leading global evaluation and strategy consultancy Brand Finance by combining a figure reflecting Corporate Brand Effect (the value of all corporate brands that contribute to the GDP, moderated by World Economic Outlook forecasts) plus Place Brand Effect (the value of the destination brand image and activities).

For 2024, Australia’s Place Brand Effect is valued at US$278 billion (well above A$400 billion).

How you can make the most of this powerful tool
A brand is far more than just a logo. It’s an offer, a promise, a tone of voice and a look. So Australia’s Nation Brand comprises a full suite of assets to meet your needs, including design elements, key messages, communication guidelines and helpful examples.

This includes gorgeous free photography, design templates, and stunning graphic elements created with Balarinji, the globally recognised First Nations-owned Australian creative agency. These include the logo of a gold stylised kangaroo leaping over the word Australia on a green background.

So what are you waiting for?

Here’s how to make this valuable resource your own.

  1. Register to use the Toolkit
    It is free and available for use by any Australian business or industry with an ABN, as well as Australian governments at all levels promoting our goods and services internationally.  

  2. Start saving money immediately 
    The toolkit’s 540 assets include spectacular fee-free and rights-free images, searchable by People, Place and Product, to use in your marketing materials.  

  3. Save even more money and time
    Take the design stress out of your next report or presentation and get a great result by using the custom PowerPoint and InDesign templates.

  4. Make a big impact online
    Use the social media templates, email banners, website header banners and video animations to boost your next digital marketing campaign. 
  5. Make a big impact in person
    Use the editable invitation and menu templates and get inspiration for impactful pull-up banners, stand and pavilion designs, and merchandise from lapel pins and drink bottles to polo shirts, umbrellas and tote bags. Use the retail and instore marketing templates for shelf wobblers, floor decals and shelf branding (note, Australia’s Nation Brand can’t be used for packaging and products but it can be used instore to support promotional activities)

The National Brand toolkit

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