How SaaS is profoundly changing the relationship between staff and tech

Software as a Service allows non-IT staff to be involved in the selection and configuration of the software they need to perform their role, which is resulting in productivity gains and stronger uptake.

Nuance’s Public sector strategies for 2022

After two especially challenging years for public sector organisations, the pressure isn’t getting any lighter. Many organisations are still managing the effects of the pandemic.

Making access to government services pain free

Many government agencies are facing a deluge of customer service requests on every channel, all while managing the added challenge of a distributed workforce trying to provide service remotely.

Making the right choices about your master key system

There’s no one size fits all scenario when it comes to master key systems and different organisations will have different needs in terms of security, size of the business and environmental factors to contemplate.

As Australia faces period of infrastructure uncertainty, SaaS is poised to help

Australia needs to take a more robust approach to infrastructure planning. Software as a Service is proven to save billions of dollars, which could be reinvested to fund new critical infrastructure programs.

CASE STUDY: On-site Vending Machines – A Safe Solution

Many of us could relate to this scenario: We’re out and about and feeling thirsty when suddenly we walk past a vending machine full of drink options, and moments later we’re gratefully downing a water, juice, or flavoured milk. Great!

As cyber threats rise, businesses can no longer manage threats alone

With the frequency and threat of cyber attacks skyrocketing over the past decade, effective cyber security has grown beyond the resources of individual organisations and in-house IT teams.


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