How SaaS is profoundly changing the relationship between staff and tech

Software as a Service allows non-IT staff to be involved in the selection and configuration of the software they need to perform their role, which is resulting in productivity gains and stronger uptake.

As cyber threats rise, businesses can no longer manage threats alone

With the frequency and threat of cyber attacks skyrocketing over the past decade, effective cyber security has grown beyond the resources of individual organisations and in-house IT teams.

How Australia’s Government can avoid the false economy trap

Government agencies risk missing opportunities for massive, transformational change at a moment in history when they should be looking for opportunities to lead economic revival.

Does Australia have the domestic capability to weather a digital crisis?

Recent events have highlighted that Australia is heavily reliant on foreign multinationals for our products and services. Should a digital crisis occur, is Australia prepared?

The digital opportunity: How Australia can build back better

Policy makers have a once in a generation opportunity to transform Australia into a high-productivity, low-pollution future by utilising transformative digital technologies.


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