Kia launches new SUV into alternative fuel market

A new sports utility vehicle from Kia uses alternative fuels and could replace existing council fleet. Kia is no stranger to alternative fuels, it has been producing hybrids for a number of years, with the first one being the Kia Optima, which has been available in overseas markets from 2011. However, its latest range, called […]

How to Harness Information Everywhere

Many government agencies have turned to Microsoft 365 as it is an ideal platform for collaboration. How do agencies deliver the governance required while freeing users to collaborate as desired?

Getting athletic tracks post-Covid ready with Australian Made Rekortan

As Australia is preparing to resurface from COVID-19, track venues around the world are starting to spring back into action. The sport facilities that are the heartbeat of so many communities are coming to life again, but it has been a challenging time for the health of our cities, schools and stadia. With so many […]

Lead with elegance and flexibility in your business

All-New Kluger arrives with sharp style and a spaciously flexible interior For the very first time, Australia’s favourite 7-seater SUV, the All-New Kluger has arrived with AWD hybrid power, showcasing effortless accel-eration and environmentally-friendly fuel economy. All-New Kluger Hybrid leads the way for businesses looking to drive efficiency while maintaining a sleek and roomy fleet, […]

How to attract women to STEM education and help them flourish in the field

As a society, our potential to excel in the areas of science, technology, engineering, and maths (STEM), is stifled by the underrepresentation of girls and women in STEM education and careers.

Engaging people with recycling at work

Tips to help make your recycling system a success and increase awareness.

Recycling bins made from recycled materials

Method’s beautiful, well designed recycling bins are changing recycling around the world.

In search of the edge

Edge is the future of the modern business. Leaders looking to adopt edge computing solutions must consider how it can solve infrastructure challenges and data protection issues, address technical considerations and understand how hybrid services can support data insight requirements. Equinix have partnered with Frost & Sullivan to bring leaders the latest insights in the […]

The Future of Enterprise Data Centers – What’s Next?

It’s time for leaders to understand why the changing innovation in cloud, edge and colocation are going to affect how they select enterprise data centre solutions for the future. Infrastructure and operations leaders must consider the required skills, asset management across inventory and people, and the ability for systems to adapt and remain sustainable. Equinix […]

In search of the edge

Edge computing is an innovation that modern leaders cannot ignore in creating a competitive advantage for themselves in efficiency and operational excellence models. Understanding the infrastructure is critical to buying, building and implementing effectively. Equinix have partnered with Frost & Sullivan to bring leaders the latest insights in the future trends and disruptions that will […]

Recycling bins that make a difference

Effective workplace recycling bins implemented in councils in Australia and New Zealand

The Future of Enterprise Data Centers – What’s Next?

Traditional data centres are being affected by rising innovation in cloud technology, edge computing, colocation and hosting services.

Be Leaders in Recycling

Recycling bins that change behaviours and help you to lead by example Every day the headlines are littered with news about the state of the environment and particularly our waste. The only thing anyone can seem to agree on is that we can’t continue the way we’re going. Councils and government departments in particular are […]


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