Why public servants should be impartial

Australian Public Service Commissioner, Stephen Sedgwick, argues that those employed by the government have long been asked to exercise judgement and discretion if entering into public debate.

Privacy watchdog finds Australians worried over social media protections

By Julian Bajkowski The federal government’s privacy and data watchdog has delivered the biggest stocktake of community attitudes to privacy issues in five years, revealing people are more worried about the conduct of online services and social media providers than identity theft and fraud. The report from the Office the Australian Information Commissioner has found […]

Contention over muzzling government employee Tweets

By Charles Power* Social media is good for business.  However when the business of an organisation is the development of government policy, the use of Twitter, Facebook and other platforms by public servants can create problems. This was certainly the experience of the Commonwealth Department of Immigration who discovered an officer using the Twitter handle’ […]

Court rules against bureaucrat’s freedom to tweet

By Julian Bajkowski Conflicts over the personal and official use of social media by public sector employees are again under the spotlight after a Federal Circuit Court Judge knocked-back an attempt by a Canberra public servant to obtain injunction on any move to have her sacked over tweets that were made in a non-official capacity. […]

NSW puts advertising and digital services out to pitch

By Julian Bajkowski The New South Wales Government has put the creative and digital services contracts of its $92 million-a-year advertising and public awareness scheme out to pitch, trimming around $24 million in traditional ad-spend in favour of ramping up digital communications to stakeholders. Macquarie Street now estimates that it will spend between $5 million […]


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