Fairer Fleet Insurance with Geotab

With Geotab’s telematics solutions, greater oversight on your vehicles and drivers means more reliable data for your insurers. Armed with greater knowledge of your fleets, they can decrease insurance costs.

Secure, Sustainable, Local: Acer Leads

Acer emphasises local manufacturing in Western Sydney, uniting advanced security with innovation to support government operations. This strategic focus enhances quality, sustainability, and job creation, showcasing Acer’s commitment to empowering Australia’s future.

Getting strategic about capital planning

Capital planning is about identifying and prioritising infrastructure and asset needs over a medium to long term period. For councils, it’s an indispensable tool for ensuring you can meet the needs of your communities in a sustainable and affordable way.

That’s using plastic for good

The Plastics Industry Pipe Association of Australia (PIPA) was founded in 1999 and are the peak industry body representing manufacturers and suppliers of plastics pipe and fittings, plastic resin suppliers, fabricators, pipeline installations, rubber seal ring manufacturers along with training and certification bodies.

Playing to our strengths

Australia must “play to its strengths” and utilise its current energy assets to reduce emissions, ensuring consumers aren’t left picking up the tab from the transition to a clean energy economy.

How are you achieving carbon neutrality? SUEZ shares its top 3 ideas

Amidst the wave of eco-consciousness, the term “carbon neutrality” has become a buzzword within the business realm. But being carbon neutral alone is not the grand finale. For SUEZ, it’s time to go beyond carbon neutrality and embrace a more holistic approach.

Evolve with Fujitsu ESPRIMO

Fujitsu ESPRIMO Desktops are the most energy-efficient desktop PCs in the market today. The desktops are also smartly built to be 4 times quieter, in a space-saving design which makes them the perfect solution to provide the enhanced performance required by the workplaces of today and tomorrow.

Tech allowing smaller agencies to punch above their weight

There are almost 100 non-corporate agencies in the Australian Public Service, and as many Government corporate entities. The smaller agencies face the same threats and risks as the larger, but without the internal skills and resources.


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