How are you achieving carbon neutrality? SUEZ shares its top 3 ideas

Amidst the wave of eco-consciousness, the term “carbon neutrality” has become a buzzword within the business realm. But being carbon neutral alone is not the grand finale. For SUEZ, it’s time to go beyond carbon neutrality and embrace a more holistic approach.

“SUEZ wants to work in a way that contributes to carbon neutrality while providing a positive impact. That means switching to green sources of energy, for example. It’s not about spending money on offsets and certificates. Hopefully, this action will be a positive step forward for moving into a true carbon-neutral society and economy.”

Eric Garcin – General Manager, Innovation and Performance

Making an impact

With the launch of its Sustainable Development Roadmap, SUEZ’s model is centred around three pillars which inform every decision, partnership and development.

1. Climate

2. Nature

3. Social

Explore the roadmap

By delving into SUEZ’s Sustainability Roadmap, you’ll discover how they are actively working towards reducing their carbon footprint, conserving natural resources, preserving biodiversity and contributing to sustainable communities.

Join SUEZ in becoming an agent of change in sustainable development.

Explore Roadmap

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