Evolve with Fujitsu ESPRIMO

Almost daily, new optimized tools, applications and services emerge to compete for our attention. In the quest to gain a competitive edge, our customers and employees are eager to embrace this new technology. In addition, technology is increasingly blurring the lines between the corporate and private worlds. Adding to this already complex mix, different generations with differing expectations are currently active in the workforce.

To enable such “human empowerment” as well as meet employee needs and expectations, the approach to enterprise IT must change otherwise customers and talent will find their wishes addressed faster elsewhere and in ways designed specifically for them. Technological advancements have truly enabled Mini-PC’s to allow workplaces to operate in a streamlined fashion, bringing improved security through clean clutter-free workspaces and enhanced performance, without impacting on the aesthetic of the environment they sit in.

Modern employees expect a more social, consumer-style working experience. Industry analysts, Gartner, have defined the “digital workplace” as a business strategy to boost employee engagement and agility through a more consumerized work environment.

There are three underlying strands to this strategy: Engaging employees, Re-imagining the workplace, and its technology, Changing nature of work

So, how can a Mini-PC help deliver on these strands? This is the question we are here to answer.

The Future Workplace. Why Mini-PC’s? Easy to set up, wrap up and move from place to place. Easy and cost-effective to use, maintain and upgrade. Perfect for permanent or temporary offices, pop-up sites and smarter working.

Empower your people to connect, collaborate, and innovate. Big, bulky tower PC’s are making way for compact powerful Mini-PC’s – like the ESPRIMO range from Fujitsu. It’s partly about doing more with less. But Mini-PC’s are also a great fit for the ways most people work today. You get all the power and productivity you expect from a full-size machine with a smaller footprint and an easier user experience.

And when your PC is small, powerful and flexible, you can meet the changing needs of your business –whatever happens.

Our Mini-PC’s are powerful despite their small size, with the ability to gobble up everyday office tasks and run every type of application. They’re ideal for modern workplaces where clean, clutter-free environments are important for productivity and collaboration whether that be in offices, meeting rooms or breakout spaces.

Mini-PC’s offer the ultimate in flexibility and usability for the way you work, with options from fixed to mobile setup, horizontal or vertical placement, hidden mounting and an all in-one PC experience. Each model in the range is designed for low noise and low heat, giving significant energy savings and a greener footprint.

At home anywhere, ESPRIMO Mini-PC’s are the workhorses that make your lives easier. Mini-PCs can be applied in many different areas, from the average workstation to digital signage, billboards, public transport, conference centres, meeting rooms and data acquisition within factories or large organisations with critical data points. A Mini-PC can be used in almost every scenario and environment.


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