Changing the picture on executive gender perceptions

By Dr Marianne Broadbent* Multiple factors influence the disparity between the prevalence of women and men in executive roles. There are three in particular that I come across regularly, in both executive search and working with organisations on leadership capability and talent management. The first relates to how women often approach opportunities; the second is […]

Pragmatic steps to assess employee capabilities

By Dr Marianne Broadbent* Many leading public and commercial sector organisations are rethinking how they assess capabilities for future executives and managers in an environment of considerable ambiguity. The specific needs in particular roles might go in quite a different direction due to factors such as a change of government policy, market pressures or maybe […]

Effective executive search firms will improve your talent pool

By Dr Marianne Broadbent* Executive Search firms are an integral part of how smart organisations find the executive and senior management talent that they need. They enable candidates to be drawn from the whole potential candidate pool, rather than those just looking for a job at a point in time, and search also involves a […]

Corruption crackdown on IT contractors in NSW

By Julian Bajkowski Fresh from making findings of corrupt conduct against former New South Wales Cabinet ministers and Labor Party power brokers, the state’s unrelenting watchdog against dodgy dealings in the government has turned its spotlight onto the often creative industry of IT contracting. The NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) this week set out […]

NSW overhauls contingent workforce recruitment

By Staff writers New South Wales Minister for Finance and Services, Greg Pearce, has pushed on with a shake-up to open the state government’s procurement machinery to a wider array of suppliers, with human resources and recruitment services now squarely in the frame. Recent changes ushered in by Mr Pearce’s department have been revealed in […]

Reigning in the recruitment process

By Kylie Dowell It’s essential that through our recruitment process we get it right every time. Many organisations have employed people based on great applications and performance at the interview, only to find in the first week into the position they can’t do what they said they could and often the employer either pays for […]


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