Truss leaves High Speed Rail door open

By Julian Bajkowski The prospect of Australia finally building a high speed passenger rail line along the East Coast of the continent has been softly revived by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development, Warren Truss, during a key speech to the influential Australasian Rail Association’s AusRail Plus conference in Sydney. Following […]

Rudd steers High Speed Rail pledge at Coalition

By Paul Hemsley Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has made an ambitious bid to get Labor’s trailing electoral fortunes back on track on the East Coast by pitching the big-picture infrastructure vision of High Speed Rail against Tony Abbott’s smaller target Paid Parental Leave scheme as a better use of taxpayers money. Mr Rudd yesterday committed […]

Regional councils want High Speed Rail re-routed

By Paul Hemsley The Gippsland Local Government Network (GLGN) has mounted a concerted push for the Victorian and federal governments to conduct a cost-benefit analysis of a high speed rail route through its local government areas in addition to the presently preferred Hume region, arguing that the railway could be more economically beneficial if built […]


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