Concern about energy from waste loophole

The NSW government has backed ‘energy from waste’ as an acceptable waste management option as long as human health and the environment is protected.

Toyota commits to the environment

Helping the environment is a priority for Toyota, not only in the vehicles that it produces but throughout its global operations.

Locks and keys go cyber

How CyberLock became the most successful electronic lock and key system in Australia and New Zealand.

Technology drives new safety solutions

When it comes to fleet vehicles, the number one priority for government customers is safety, says Toyota Australia’s National Government Fleet Manager, Aman Gupta.

Sustainable solutions for sports grounds

Councils are exploring new, smarter ways of managing their parks and sports grounds.

50 years of surface solutions

Synthetic sports surface specialist Polytan will showcase its most cutting edge technology at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

Talking turf with an industry leader

Paul Kamphuis, General Manager of Polytan Asia Pacific, outlines some innovations in synthetic turf, and why councils should be taking notice.

Standards for data sharing in sight

Data sharing across agencies is a growing trend in Australian government, but even anonymised data can often be re-identified. A new Australian initiative aims to solve the problem.

What is Inventory Solutions?

Blackwoods’ Inventory Solutions ensures you have on hand what you need, when you need it.

Any business or government agency that requires immediate, reliable access to maintenance parts, tools, chemicals or cleaning supplies can depend on Blackwoods’ appropriately named ‘Inventory Solutions’.


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