Councils get smarter with data

Digital tools such as smart contracts and data-commons licenses are letting citizens share data on their own terms.

Delivering AI we can trust

The G20 Declaration is a timely reminder that emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) are critical to the nation’s future.

Technology brings better customer service to government

Rapidly advancing technology is opening new doors to convenience, speed, and transparency for private-sector customers. New devices and techniques are pushing the boundaries of what is possible. But these benefits are often not realised in government, where tight budgets are making it difficult for the public sector to deliver services of a similarly high quality. […]

Digital is important – but so is the human touch (OPINION)

While digital automation has started to transform the public sector, there remains at least one place where human interaction is – and always will be – vital to the success of an organisation. Digitisation has not only changed how we shop, listen to music, and even travel to the airport, but it is also now […]


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