Keeping your data safe: The importance of cybersecurity

In recent years, cybersecurity has gone from being a specialised field of IT operations to a major preoccupation of senior executives in all kinds of organisations.

Under Australian company and privacy legislation, executives and boards can now be held responsible for data and financial losses due to insufficient security measures.

The risks and costs are now proven; highly publicised data breaches and denial of service attacks have crippled global organisations, causing irreparable financial harm and long-lasting brand damage. It has recently been acknowledged by Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, that state-sponsored attacks have been mounted not only on our economy, but on our research and political institutions as a kind of cyber warfare.

In such an environment, TechnologyOne is proud to have leapt another significant security hurdle – becoming the first enterprise software provider to complete the Information Security Registered Assessors Program (IRAP) assessment for PROTECTED classified data.

IRAP is operated by the Australian Cyber Security Centre and assesses products in terms of their use under government information security ratings. Completing IRAP assessment for  PROTECTED classified data is of great value to our Federal Government customers, as we can now store and process any classification of data up to and including PROTECTED. As the former head of the ACSC, Alastair MacGibbon has noted, this upgrade comes at a critical time for the nation.

“The more protected systems across government, the better. In security, you’re only as strong as the weakest link,” he said. “Smaller government agencies are exposed to the same risk and threats as their larger counterparts, but often have fewer resources to mitigate them.”

IRAP assessment is just the most recent in the security accreditations and certifications we have invested in heavily over many years. As a SaaS solutions provider, security risk mitigation is core to our business as a trusted advisor to key industries and governments around the world. By undergoing IRAP assessment, we have ensured a higher level of security for not only our Federal government but for all of our diverse customers. This measure is just one of the many that we continuously put in place across our global ERP SaaS solution.

Learn more about TechnologyOne’s commitment to security here.

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