Kia launches new SUV into alternative fuel market

A new sports utility vehicle from Kia uses alternative fuels and could replace existing council fleet. Kia is no stranger to alternative fuels, it has been producing hybrids for a number of years, with the first one being the Kia Optima, which has been available in overseas markets from 2011. However, its latest range, called […]

How to Harness Information Everywhere

Many government agencies have turned to Microsoft 365 as it is an ideal platform for collaboration. How do agencies deliver the governance required while freeing users to collaborate as desired?

Getting athletic tracks post-Covid ready with Australian Made Rekortan

As Australia is preparing to resurface from COVID-19, track venues around the world are starting to spring back into action. The sport facilities that are the heartbeat of so many communities are coming to life again, but it has been a challenging time for the health of our cities, schools and stadia. With so many […]

State and Federal governments to unlock $62B ‘digital dividend’ by embracing software as a service (SaaS): research

Australia’s Federal and State government sector could unlock an $62 billion ‘digital dividend’ by replacing old technology with cloud-based Software as a Service systems (SaaS), according to a landmark economic analysis from IBRS and Insight Economics. That figure, equivalent to almost an entire year’s worth of Goods & Services Tax revenue*, is the expert economists’ […]

PROSAFE KULYA Polarised Safety Glasses

Just after sunrise and before sunset the sun can shine directly into drivers’ eyes, leaving many motorists driving with a glare. This glare can make it much harder to see the road ahead and potential hazards creating an added risk to drivers. Sun glare can strike a driver unexpectedly at any time, but is most […]

Synchronous jacking system helps lighten the load

For the ultimate peace of mind when it comes to heavy-duty lifting, a synchronous jacking system is the best solution.

The incredible evolution of the humble light pole

With an estimated 2.4 million street lamp lights in service across Australia, there’s lots at stake when a city, town or council area considers how it should best provide public illumination.

Australian-made climate positive Olympic hockey turf

As we celebrate the start of the thirty-second Olympiad in Tokyo this week, Poligras by Polytan is reflecting upon over 40 years of being Hockey’s Best Partner.

Improving worker safety with innovative PPE

Selecting the right personal protective equipment (PPE) is therefore a critical element to the hierarchy of control for managing workplace risks.

Pole solutions for coastal environments

Fitting infrastructure with a current aesthetic is well and good – but it shouldn’t be at the expense of future needs.

IAM in a Post Pandemic World

As organisations move beyond the pandemic, they must contend with two new realities: 1) a growing number of employees looking to work remotely and 2) an increase in digital threats, enabled by employees connecting to work applications on their own devices (BYOD) and from outside the company network. This crossroad poses a particular risk for […]

The benefits of LPG for industrial heating

Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) has long been recognised as an efficient and reliable energy source that’s estimated to be used by two billion people worldwide.


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