Staying ahead of the ever-changing security threat

CIOs from organisations across the public sector are saying that the growing security threat is one of their top challenges as they try to find ways to balance security with access to information.

Cloud readiness alone isn’t enough

Integration is vital for organisations to get right if they are to fulfil their promise of providing better end-to-end processes and outstanding online services to citizens. But there are many barriers CIOs face.

AI drives change in the water sector

Technology fuelled by AI is enabling councils and water utilities to leave mundane asset maintenance tasks behind and focus on high value work.

Reconciliation Action Plan helps close the gap

Pipeline infrastructure company Interflow has officially launched its first Reconciliation Action Plan, joining thousands of other corporate leaders who have formally committed to advancing reconciliation through the RAP program.

Why content sprawl has CIOs running scared

Emerging and advancing technologies are driving an exponential growth in the amount of content public sector agencies are creating and retaining.

How SaaS is profoundly changing the relationship between staff and tech

Software as a Service allows non-IT staff to be involved in the selection and configuration of the software they need to perform their role, which is resulting in productivity gains and stronger uptake.

Nuance’s Public sector strategies for 2022

After two especially challenging years for public sector organisations, the pressure isn’t getting any lighter. Many organisations are still managing the effects of the pandemic.

Making access to government services pain free

Many government agencies are facing a deluge of customer service requests on every channel, all while managing the added challenge of a distributed workforce trying to provide service remotely.


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