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Govt releases post-Pezzullo capability review

Home Affairs staff feel burned out by constant change, a capability review has found.

Fairfield’s free cycling scheme

Fairfield City Council in Sydney's south-west has introduced an innovative health and transport project, which will see bicycles donated by residents being repaired, maintained and offered free of charge for loan by local residents. The Western Sydney Cycling Network project, the first of its kind in NSW, encourages residents to use the extensive cycleway network throughout Fairfield […]

Time running out for some Queensland councils

By Adam Coleman Queensland’s 157 councils will undergo their first sweeping reform in more than a century, unless widespread opposition to the planned forced council mergers halts the process. A seven-member Queensland Local Government Reform Commission, organised by the Queensland Government, is considering the new council boundaries and will report back to Government on 1 […]

New asset management framework needed for NSW councils

A recently released NSW Department of Local Government position paper entitled Asset Management Planning for NSW Local Government, proposes a new asset management framework for NSW councils. The position paper draws on an Independent Inquiry into the Financial Sustainability of NSW Local Government (Allan Report) that found only 20 per cent of councils have sufficient […]

Quality key to education reform agenda

By Jane Garcia in Sydney A focus on choice, quality and diversity in schools, vocational and higher education will enhance Australia’s education and skills system, Prime Minister John Howard told the Centre for Independent Studies’ Policymaker’s Forum held in Sydney last night (May 14). He said he was an ‘avowed educational traditionalist’, believing in high […]

Swansea takes out tidy town title

By Adam Coleman The coastal town of Swansea in Tasmania has won the title of Australia’s Tidiest Town for 2007, beating more than 1000 entries at an award ceremony in Melbourne yesterday (May 13). The Keep Australia Beautiful Australian Tidy Towns sustainable communities Awards recognised that the Swansea Tidy Towns Committee, with support from the […]

Queensland centre to tackle skills shortages

A planned Centre for Excellence in Project Management aims to increase the number of skilled project managers available to Queensland's growing building and construction industry. A joint initiative between the Department of Public Works, the Department of Education and Training and the Australian Institute of Project Management, the centre will foster project management excellence throughout […]

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‘Cyber security is everyone’s business’: 5 benefits of why you should integrate cyber security

With threat actors, nation states and the risk that comes from within, Chief Information Officers (CIOs) face a formidable challenge: ensuring up to date cyber security measures in an era of constant change.

Fairer Fleet Insurance with Geotab

With Geotab’s telematics solutions, greater oversight on your vehicles and drivers means more reliable data for your insurers. Armed with greater knowledge of your fleets, they can decrease insurance costs.


EasyPark ANZ celebrates 10 years of making parking easy

They say ‘Time flies when you are enjoying yourself.’ As EasyPark celebrates 10 years since the App first went live in Australia, attention has already turned to what the next decade will bring.

More energy solutions for industry

Thousands of manufacturing and industrial companies face the challenge of reducing both emissions and operating costs. Renewable gas could provide the energy option they need.



How local councils can achieve more with storytelling

Local councils must be able to engage stakeholders in a compelling community outcomes story rather than relying on complex data and technical reports alone.