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Place Branding Australia set for Vivid return

Place branding can be a powerful tool for councils, and unpacking how to access it will be an underlying theme of this year's Place Branding Australia conference.

Infrastructure bonds an option for future funding

In a bid to foster support for federal tax incentives for investment in community infrastructure, Wollongong City Council has recently issued a discussion paper on strategies to attract investors. The Local Government Infrastructure Bonds Discussion Paper aims to foster debate on advancing inter-governmental acceptance of local government capital funding through the use of Infrastructure Bonds […]

Is Sydney scrimping on water costs?

By Staff Writers Sydneysiders should be paying more for water as it becomes scarcer according to an environmental economist who argues that more expensive water would encourage urban households to use it more efficiently. Professor Quentin Grafton, from the Crawford School of Economics and Government at ANU, says water should be priced on a sliding […]

Councils Say Enough! More Funding For Rural Health

NSW councils are pressing candidates at next year's State election to support initiatives worth $5 million annually to boost doctor and medical health facilities in rural and remote communities. The Local Government and Shires Associations of NSW recently launched their Rural General Practitioners Policy Platform, the first of several priority policy papers in the lead […]

Excellence in environment

By Staff Writers Hornsby Shire Council has won the premier award in the 2006 Local Government Excellence in the Environment Awards announced recently at the NSW Art Gallery. The awards, which have been staged annually since 1998, are sponsored by the Local Government and Shires Associations of NSW (LGSA). The Minister for Local Government, the […]

Putting money to work

By Jane Garcia The Federal Government recently launched an extensive campaign called ‘Understanding Money’  aimed at improving people’s financial literacy, including advice on how to prepare a budget, set financial goals and get into the savings habit. Employers can also play a role in improving the financial literacy of their workers, according to Catherine Birchall, […]

Small businesses, big savings

By Adam Coleman Outback Oasis, a 12-month pilot project designed to increase profitability and improve resource efficiency within Broken Hill businesses and the community, has seen widespread participation and returned total energy and water savings of $118,925. A combined venture from Country Energy, the Department of State and Regional Development (DSRD) and project managers Village […]

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Culverts: Delivering Streams of innovation

Mostly unseen, culverts allow waterways to flow while supporting roads and rail networks. Many culverts are now ripe for attention, highlighting the essential role they play in our Regional and Metro infrastructure.

Seeking greater innovation, optimised services and operational excellence?

Seeking greater innovation, optimised services and operational excellence? Service integration and management could be the answer!


That’s using plastic for good

Not all plastics are the same. Take engineered plastic pipes. Unlike single use plastics, plastic pipes are long-life products, not single use, made from materials engineered to be robust, reliable, recyclable with a service life in excess of 100 years.



Secure, Sustainable, Local: Acer Leads

Acer emphasises local manufacturing in Western Sydney, uniting advanced security with innovation to support government operations. This strategic focus enhances quality, sustainability, and job creation, showcasing Acer's commitment to empowering Australia's future.