Renewables, climate and intergovernmental relations – OPINION

The Federal Government’s refusal to adopt the Chief Scientist’s recommendation for a Clean Energy Target has been roundly criticised by its political opponents. As you would expect. But what does it mean for the relationships between Australia’s different levels of government? The Government’s new policy sees the end of any subsidy for renewable energy after […]

UK Government to adopt carbon pricing

While climate and energy policy in Australia remain mired in acrimonious squabbling, the UK’s Conservative Government has released a bold new plan for a low carbon future. And it includes a carbon price. The new UK Clean Growth Strategy is a comprehensive 163 page document. It was released on 12 October by Business and Energy […]

Telehealth helps UK hospital management

Hospital workers can improve their workload prioritisation through a telehealth program with support from UK-based Milton Keynes Council. Patients benefiting are local people living with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), with the council and Milton Keynes Community Health Services UK working with Tunstall Healthcare. This partnership will offer integrated telecare and telehealthcare to support these […]

Q&A: Why the arts matter

For more than a decade, Mike White has been at the forefront of the arts in health movement in the United Kingdom. Prior to a visit to Australia to attend an international conference on the topic, he spoke to Government News about the role of the arts in improving communities. What first interested you in […]


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