Attracting executive talent to local government

Councils are increasingly sourcing and recruiting talented individuals from a wide range of backgrounds and sectors, and this is having a positive impact on the ability of local government to meet the varied and complex needs of their communities.

Looking after the hidden heroes of infrastructure

Flood events may increase the strain on a culvert’s passable hydraulic capacity, resulting in many culverts being reclassified as undersized and increasing the risk of damage to roads, rail, and other critical infrastructure.

Modular reactors offer energy solutions

The nuclear industry’s latest offerings – small modular reactors (SMRs) and very small modular reactors (vSMRs) – both offer a zero-carbon solution to a wide range of end users and open the possibility of engaging countries that have previously precluded nuclear as a potential energy option.

National corruption watchdog on election agenda

Labor has pledged to legislate for a “powerful, transparent and independent” National Anti-Corruption Commission with the powers of a standing Royal Commission by the end of the year if elected.


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