Gartner examines post-election IT transitions

By John Kost* A change in the political leadership of government is often a time of high anxiety for public servants. Although it is unlikely that they will lose their jobs, it is still a time when the relationships and goodwill built up with the previous government may suddenly evaporate. As Australia heads towards a […]

Governments losing sight of risk assessments

By Paul Hemsley A new report from Gartner has found that organisations have become so buried in risk and security compliance requirements that they can’t keep up with all of them, a situation that has led to managers neglecting more important in-depth risk assessments and instead just ticking boxes. The analyst firm has cautioned that […]

NICTA called-in to plumb depths at Sydney Water

By Julian Bajkowski Top boffins at Australia’s government-funded information technology research and development lab, NICTA, have been called in to help fix notoriously leaky plumbing at state owned utility, Sydney Water. A statement released by the two organisations says that under a new agreement, NICTA’s machine learning capabilities will be applied to try and predict […]

Federal IT future on Cabinet table

By Julian Bajkowski Federal Communications Minister Stephen Conroy has revealed that future federal government technology procurement has been put on the Cabinet table for discussion under the forthcoming Digital White Paper, opening the door to a fundamental shake-up of the $5 billion-a-year market. The move to potentially rope-in government IT spending into the new policy […]

Building security culture at SIG

The annual Security in Government (SIG) Conference, hosted by the Attorney-General’s Department, is to be held from 3 – 5 September at the National Convention Centre, Canberra. The SIG Conference, now in its 24th year, began as a meeting of Agency Security Advisers in 1987. Today it has grown to become one of the leading […]


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