Could Kurnell be second Sydney Airport site?

Opinion and Analysis By Simon Sharwood Debate over whether Sydney needs a new airport has run for thirty years and will probably run for another thirty. Along the way it has become a symbol for policy cowardice, the power of NIMBYism and Australia's sclerotic decision-making process. It's therefore time for a combination of callousness, vision […]

Bids called to refuel Christmas Island

By Julian Bajkowski A sharp increase in government activity related to unauthorised boat arrivals near Christmas Island has prompted an urgent upgrade of fuel storage facilities for the far flung port so that planes that fly there won’t get stranded. Tender documents released by the Commonwealth show authorities are shopping for an extra aviation fuel […]

Victoria conjures up aviation skills

Aviation pilots will receive training though a flight simulator aimed at increasing defence and emergency skills. The Ansett Aviation Training Facility in Tullamarine will train personnel after obtaining the Hawker Beechcraft King Air B350 simulator, which is the first of its kind in the Asia Pacific region. CAE Training, a training body that specialises in […]


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