Recycling bins made from recycled materials

There is a lot of confusion in the recycling industry at the moment, but the one thing most can seem to agree on is that the future is circular. Central to moving towards a circular economy is products designed to last and to be fully recyclable. Method are the makers of beautiful recycling bins that are not only beautiful but effectively facilitate the circular economy in modern organisations.

Method began when co-founders Steven and India Korner continued to see organisations that wanted to recycle without the tools to be successful. They believed that a well designed bin had the power to change workplace recycling behaviours, and they were right. The innovative bins and leading philosophy of Open Plan Recycling have made recycling, waste and sustainable practice part of a buildings DNA.

More so, the bins are designed to be long lasting and fully recyclable in a circular fashion. The bins are made from polypropylene, a durable and strong plastic, including 50% recycled materials. While introducing recycled materials into their bins Method was focused on making sure that it was done in a way that doesn’t impact their recyclability. Meaning that the bins made from recycled materials can be made into bins again and again – at the end of their long life.

At its core Method works to facilitate the circular economy, keeping materials in use for as long as possible; so this considered design is critical to Method’s success both as a product manufacturer and sustainability facilitators.

This means that Method’s bins are capturing the materials to produce their own products, seeing the circular economy in action now. The journey isn’t over yet, Methods internal research and development and sustainability teams are constantly working to establish the supply and infrastructure required to achieve 100% recycled materials.

The Method System

The  beautiful bins are placed together to form flexible recycling stations that are positioned out in the open in modern workplaces. Recycling rates are improved through visibility, increased accountability and the removal of easy general waste options, such as desk bins. Being out in the open users are more likely to consider where their waste goes, even subconsciously, when they are visible to others. Whereas, traditional options such as desk bins allow users to easily place all of their waste into one bin.

The recycling stations become a featured part of a building’s design, acting as a visible statement of an organisations commitment to sustainability.

Method are the long term sustainability partner of innovative and leading facilities around the world; including the Sydney Cricket Ground, Qantas, The Office Group’s coworking spaces and Foster + Partners in London.

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