Getting security in government right

Regardless of the product or service an organisation provides, working with government departments and/or agencies comes with added responsibility, writes Gerard Nolan of Certis Security Australia.

As a leading security service provider for government, Certis Security Australia excels at managing these responsibility to go above and beyond in the delivery of a broad range of services including advanced technology solutions, physical guarding, access control, screening, mobile patrols, alarm response and more.

When working with the government, it is also critically important to understand the role the department or agency plays in our nation’s operation and success. Often, this can include national security, critical infrastructure and other crucial roles that together safeguard our society. As such, each department or agency has its own rigorous selection process when identifying its security service provider. In addition to this, Certis requires a thorough internal screening process to ensure the employees deployed for government contracts are the right fit for the job and remain so, supported by advanced technology.

Ensuring required clearance levels

Working with government departments and agencies requires individuals and organisations to gain various levels of clearance. We work closely with both the client and the Australian Government Security Vetting Agency (AGSVA), the central vetting agency for the Australian Government conducting security clearance assessments for agencies.

Operationally, we plan ahead to ensure we can support our government clients with appropriately cleared relief and surge guards. We feel our ability to manage this pool of relief and surge coverage sets us apart as industry leaders and is founded on years of extensive experience in the public sector.

Applying advanced technology to enhance security

What also sets Certis Security Australia apart is our cutting edge technology including the Business Operations Support System (BOSS). Certis Security Australia has developed our own secure cloud-based platform that provides our security managers with real-time visibility across everything happening on service sites. It is key in our ability to continuously deliver a high level of service to our customers, as it delivers real time information relating to attendance, welfare, incidents, patrols and other service activity. The BOSS system is remotely monitored 24/7 by highly trained officers within our specialised National Operations Centre.

National Operations Centre (NOC)

Our NOC is a critical component of the services we deliver to our government customers—it’s the core of our business, with all of our security and other service offerings being coordinated through it. The NOC delivers 24/7 support to customers and our staff, centralising our operations and allowing us to maintain a watchful eye and provide timely support across the thousands of sites we service. This 24/7 remote support not only helps us to protect customers interests, but enables us to ensure the safety and welfare of our valued employees.

Thinking Big Picture

In addition, we recruit and deploy individuals who understand their role as part of a bigger picture. Our team members are often the first point of contact within our government facilities, and the importance of ensuring they provide a professional service and project a professional image doesn’t escape us. In an environment where the public, departmental staff, politicians, executives, media and other key stakeholders frequent our client premises, a strong, consistent and reliable service is essential.

We understand the fine balance between strong customer service while retaining a focus on the security of our client assets, staff, information, and interests. We strive to inculcate this understanding within the culture of our servicing teams. Overall, working with any government department or agency is a huge privilege for our organisation.

For more information on our work with the government or how we can work with you, get in touch with us here.

Gerard Nolan is AGM Head of Operations,  Protective Services at Certis Security Australia

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