MAV initiatives needed in other states

GreenbridgeEnergy Australia’s director, Giorgio Capone told Government News he would like to see Municipal Association of Victoria’s initiatives to help councils with electricity cost savings for their buildings, public lighting and green energy, as well as gas savings for facilities, through participating tenders, flow down to other states.
The manufacturer of LED lighting said Victorian municipalities were moving towards using new technology to save costs and energy bills.
“In other states local governments are doing things here and there but no public sector body has taken up the drive to help all local governments all at once,” he said.
“Victoria is moving ahead but states like Queensland and New South Wales are static and to litigious with implementing new technologies.”
Mr Capone said in states like NSW local governments were still listening to “consultancy companies that continued to specify traditional lighting”.
“The federal government is trying to put pollution down and have given some funding to help, but not all municipalities are quick to try energy efficient lighting.”
Mr Capone said as time goes on electricity costs will go higher and higher and costs won’t come down in any other way except for the installation of sustainable lighting systems.
“The municipalities need to get the income for their lighting bills from somewhere and NSW is already one of the most expensive states to live in.”
Mr Capone said his company was only a small manufacturer that has worked with Wollongong Council, Penrith City Council and a few others.
“I don’t want to have to move my company to Victoria, but its moving ahead and I would like for NSW to do something and move ahead.”
Do you agree with what Mr Capone has to say? Does more need to be done in NSW and other states around Australia?

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