Union says postie jobs will be lost

The posties union says one in four posties could lose their jobs as Australia Post winds back postal services.

The CEPU Communications Union is calling on the government to disallow the regulatory changes, which were introduced in response to COVID-19.

The changes, announced in April, ushered in cuts to the metropolitian postal service, “relaxed” delivery standards moves to  retraining posties to work in other areas.

CEPU National President Shane Murphy says if the changes remain in place for the long term they will “drastically” reduce postal delivery services across the country.

He says it will result on 25 per cent of postie jobs being axed, job losses among other postal workers and cuts of up to 30 per cent of take home pay for remaining workers.

Postal workers and union have been briefed by managers about the changes, Mr Murphy says.

He says they have been told the current system where four postie runs are staffed by one postie each will be changed so two posties will take two runs each, and a third will do a parcel-only run.

The fourth position will be lost, the union says.

“Australia Post is attempting to use COVID-19 as cover to make drastic cuts to jobs and postal services across the country,” Mr Murphy said.

“If these regulatory changes are not disallowed by the Federal Parliament, they will have a devastating impact on the service Australia Post provides to our community and on thousands of jobs – smack bang in the middle of a recession and an unemployment crisis.”

No forced redundancies

In a statement on June 8 Australia Post said the changes are intended to allow posties to be redeployed to areas where they are needed most.

It was says no postie directly impacted by the changes will be forced out of a job and that there are no plans to cut take home pay.

Regional and rural services would not be affected, it said.

The statement didn’t rule out voluntary redundancies.

“Any changes to our employee working arrangements will be made in accordance with existing obligations, including enterprise agreements and we are committed to continue to consult closely with employee representatives on proposed changes,” Australia Post  said.

Mr Murphy accused the government of using the coronavirus crisis as an excuse to slash services and axe jobs in the postal service.

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3 thoughts on “Union says postie jobs will be lost

  1. wow I was a postie for 30 years my beat was 1000 deliver points every day at 5 hours on motor bike
    than 2000 changed jobs van driver driving a new Mercedes-Benz every year.every month bbq.pizza
    yep Australia post has changed
    than 2010 taken my super quit the job…lucky I got out…now

  2. Disgraceful. With everything else going on, posties mental health & morale will be at rock bottom. A lot of these workers are casual or permanent casual on low hours/low wages. We need to support these good people with jobs & hope for their future. Please don’t hurt staff any more, give them confidence not doubt.

  3. this is a government owned SERVICE, not a private business. In this era of mass unemployment government services should be at the minimum retaining ALL their staff and employing them as permanent full time employees. Permanent employment should be the normal. Casual employment was only ever intended to cater for intermittent surges such as the traditional Christmas period rush, not be the basis for lazy management to expect all staff to be available on a willy nilly and intermittent basis.

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