The benefits of finding a local cloud provider

Workforce Health Assessors, the industry body for carrying out workplace health assessments across Australia and New Zealand, was looking for a cloud provider based in Australia.

Craig Doumouras

IT Manager Craig Doumouras said their previous provider was not based in Australia, although their servers were Sydney-based.

“We couldn’t guarantee that some of our data wasn’t being taken offshore, which limited our ability to comply with ISM standards,” he said.  

“There were some tenders that we’d miss out on because we had to meet a certain ISO accreditation, which was a significant issue when dealing with government clients.”

WHA carries out pre-employment medicals and onsite workplace health assessment services for a range of businesses and government agencies.

It has an online platform that allows clients to book, track, and receive reports for all medical assessments and business services.

This service is the core of its business and contains a lot of sensitive and personal information on individuals and businesses.

To improve the security of its organisation and ensure compliance to government regulation, WHA migrated its web platform to the Vault Cloud infrastructure.

Vault’s Australian sovereignty stance was a major attraction because it gave WHA assurance that all data is hosted locally and that Vault will help contribute to compliance legislation.

“We don’t have a lot of resources and time to be able to investigate all of the changes in legislation coming from the Australian government in regard to security,” Mr Doumouras said.

“Having a company like Vault Cloud – who does that as part of their day-to-day – is a major comfort for us as an organisation.

“It relieves pressure and allows us to stick to our core, value adding business activities.”

WHA is currently in the process of deploying a set of AI-powered health questionnaires called Quescreen, which uses historical data to ask questions, based on previous answers, to provide a more accurate map of an individual’s pre-employment health information.

Vault will support WHA by providing processing units that can be powered up or down at a moment’s notice and engage with WHA on a monthly basis to deliver reports that map traffic to and from its locations across Australia and New Zealand.

“As we grow, we have confidence that Vault will be with us and help us address new challenges. Whatever the future holds, we know that Vault has the capacity and knowledge to help us continue to grow and thrive,” Mr Doumouras said.

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