Treasury head issues warning over scale of APS cuts

Australia’s number-cruncher-in-chief has cautioned expectations around cuts and services are unsustainable and that any attempts to think smarter or differently prioritising resources are being crowded out.

Public service morale plummets as 12,000 ‘natural attrition’ target fizzles

By Julian Bajkowski The prospect of looming job cuts in the federal public service is dragging down morale and feeding into a climate of deep uncertainty over job security, unions and Canberra’s Labor politicians have warned. As the Coalition government sets about attempting to thin the ranks of the bureaucracy by 12,000 positions through ‘natural […]

Abbott reveals partial secretarial reshuffle

By Julian Bajkowski Prime Minister Tony Abbott has announced that the head of Treasury, Martin Parkinson PSM, will stand down from his job in April 2014, along with three other department heads, in the first tranche of what is expected to be a substantial reshuffle of department heads under the new government. Announced as part […]

Queensland councils spared big cuts in State Budget

By Julian Bajkowski Queensland councils have cautiously welcomed the Newman government’s second budget for the state, breathing a collective sigh of relief that local governments appear to have been spared much feared spared funding cuts after natural disasters and falling revenue receipts depleted Treasury coffers. After a tumultuous first year that saw massive public service […]


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