NSW consigns FleetWise to scrap heap

By Paul Hemsley New South Wales Premier Barry O’Farrell’s campaign against so-called green-tape has resulted in the state government’s FleetWise program being junked on the basis it duplicates a similar federal program that is already operating. Funded by the state government through the Environment Trust, the FleetWise program had been a source of information, tools […]

Queensland cuts councils loose

By Paul Hemsley Local Government Association of Queensland President Margaret de Wit has welcomed the state government’s move to put councils back in charge of community planning by getting rid of a raft of state bureaucratic requirements. The Queensland government this week passed changes to the Local Government Act and Brisbane City Council Act it […]

Councils sharing services allowed

Local governments in Western Australia could be permitted to create regional subsidies under a state government bill. Introduced last week, the Local Government Amendment Bill intends to allow local governments to share in the delivery of services. According to the Western Australian Local Government Association (WALGA), the legislation will allow local governments to focus more […]

Building plans bypass council approval procedures

The Queensland Government’s Sustainable Planning Regulation has been amended to allow existing schools and hospitals to make building extensions without council approval. Premier Anna Bligh said this regulation change is an extension of the rules put in place for the federal government’s Building the Education Revolution construction fund. “This meant that Queensland outstripped other states […]


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