Contention over muzzling government employee Tweets

By Charles Power* Social media is good for business.  However when the business of an organisation is the development of government policy, the use of Twitter, Facebook and other platforms by public servants can create problems. This was certainly the experience of the Commonwealth Department of Immigration who discovered an officer using the Twitter handle’ […]

Complexities of a local government workforce

By Daniel Sheahan Despite moves to simplify and nationally harmonise legislation, the regulatory environment for employers is becoming more complex. Human resources (HR) managers continually juggle processes, formulae and systems to meet new occupational health and safety (OH&S) requirements, award rules, specialised shift requirements and allowances. These are the complications that stretch systems and create […]

Supporting army reservists in council

By Alison Hester Human Resources is about managing the people in your organisation. To maximise the engagement and buy-in of staff, many companies are seeking beneficial external relationships that improve the skill-sets of their people in ways not offered by traditional workplacelearning and development opportunities. At Kogarah City Council, in the southern suburbs of Sydney, […]

Orchestrating a happy ending

By Blair McPherson How you leave an organisation is as important as how you start a new job. A good ending is not only satisfying it puts your time into perspective and determines what you feel and what you say about the organisation you have left. In a period of ‘down sizing’ through redundancies and […]

Personal guide to managing work-life balance

By Staff Writer Workplaces can help staff cope more effectively with work-family conflict by providing a range of strategies that recognise individual differences rather than a ‘one-size, fits all’ approach. A Queensland study of more than 300 adults from a range of occupations showed core personality traits heavily influence the type of coping strategies useful […]

Caught short

By Jane Garcia The Australian government sector is well aware of skills shortages in the areas of IT, finance, engineering, planning and welfare, but skilled policy officers are also hard to find, according to recruitment firm Hudson’s sector head of Government, Education and Public Health. “I think the reason is bound in with the ageing […]


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