Victoria funds council war on graffiti

The Denis Napthine government reinforced its anti-graffiti grant scheme by providing up to $25,000 to local governments working on projects to scrub away unsightly tags and bombs.

NSW councils lock onto graffiti vandals using smartphone app

By Paul Hemsley Walk down most urban streets, parks or laneways and it’s easy to get the impression of a gang infested, criminal hotspot thanks to the constant array of unwanted tags, squiggles and territorial markers left behind by vandalism posing as counter culture. Whether you call it art or criminal damage, the markings that […]

Mobile app and snap: QLD’s latest anti-graffiti weapon

By Paul Hemsley Queensland Premier Campbell Newman’s has roped in Crime Stoppers to help councils in their battle against graffiti vandalism following the development and launch of a new mobile app that lets the public report the location of vandalised property to their local government. The app is being used by Crime Stoppers Queensland’s anti-graffiti […]

Queensland locks onto graffiti heat signatures

By Paul Hemsley Queensland Premier, civil engineer and former Australian Army Major, Campbell Newman, is taking military targeting technology to the state’s vandalised train system in a bid to catch so-called “graffiti grubs” red-handed at the scene of the crime. The state government has revealed it has put in thermal cameras and video analytics systems […]

Queensland drafts graffiti vandals as council cleaners

By Paul Hemsley Vandals caught defacing public and private property could soon be forced to scrub off their own unsightly mess under a hands-on aversion therapy plan by the Queensland government that will let local governments pressgang offenders into the role of council cleaners. The plan to force taggers to erase either their efforts or […]

Electronic nose to bust graffiti vandals

At the Security 2011 Exhibition and Conference, electronic nose technology vendor – E-Nose – released graffit-e-nose Mk4, an aerosol spray fume detection device that integrates with CCTV / video surveillance.   The product will allow councils to detect graffiti vandals earlier and increases the number of arrests and convictions.   E-Nose (a spin-off of Australia’s […]


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