NSW councils lock onto graffiti vandals using smartphone app

By Paul Hemsley Walk down most urban streets, parks or laneways and it’s easy to get the impression of a gang infested, criminal hotspot thanks to the constant array of unwanted tags, squiggles and territorial markers left behind by vandalism posing as counter culture. Whether you call it art or criminal damage, the markings that […]

NSW councils combine to muscle better value from VMware

By Julian Bajkowski Councils in New South Wales appear to have chalked-up a significant win in their battle to get better value from multinational technology providers after global cloud computing and virtualization provider VMware agreed to deal with 43 local governments as a group in contract renewal negotiations. The technology vendor said that it has […]

Inquest found council responsible for family’s death

Gosford City Council’s negligent road maintenance led to the “completely unnecessary” death of five family members who drowned when a section of the Old Pacific Highway collapsed, an inquest has found.  Deputy NSW Coroner Paul MacMahon delivered the findings from the inquest into the deaths of Adam Holt, 30, his partner Roslyn Bragg, 29, their […]


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