Queensland reveals Aussie fleet at 25 per cent

By Paul Hemsley and Julian Bajkowski The Queensland state government has confirmed that just a quarter of the cars that it buys through its vehicle purchasing arm, QFleet, are Australian made as the local automotive industry and Canberra continues to apply strong pressure for more locally made vehicles to be bought on the taxpayer’s coin. […]

Prime Minister’s protectors reverse over Ford

By Julian Bajkowski Former Prime Minister Julia Gillard and her erstwhile Industry Minister Greg Combet might want local governments to buy Australian-made vehicles to support the domestic manufacturing, but it's a very different story for the cars that closely tail the PM's official marque plated C*1. Less than a fortnight after top level pressure was […]

Commonwealth drives Ford’s fuel and emissions

Automotive manufacturer Ford has received government funding to improve the fuel efficiency and emissions performance of its Australian produced vehicles. The Federal Government will provide $34 million as part of the total investment of $103 million from Ford Australia on top of a $232 million sustainability initiative, which will see the Falcon produced in the […]


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