Creating great teams is hard work

By Dr Marianne Broadbent* How would you describe the attributes of the team of which you are a member, that is a peer member, not the team you lead? Would you use words like ‘effective, cohesive, supportive and committed’? Or would descriptions like ‘lacking in trust’, ‘not really a team or truly collaborative’ and ‘engaging […]

Great talent should grow from within

By Dr Marianne Broadbent* The last time your organisation had a vacancy in the top team reporting to your CEO, the Secretary, General Manager or Director-General, what was the quality of the talent pool? How did the internal and external talent compare? Quite often we hear that there is no one currently inside the organisation […]

Pearce spells out procurement changes

By Paul Hemsley New South Wales Minister for Finance and Services Greg Pearce has launched the state government’s latest procurement blueprint as Macquarie Street attempts to repair previously strained relationships with the supplier community and deliver better value to taxpayers. Known as the Strategic Directions Statement, the new guidelines aim to simplify and untangle the […]


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