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New laws limit ministerial directions to agency heads

The goverment says the new legislation will help rebuild the ‘gutted’ public service and restore faith in government.

End of the party

By Kim Powell With significant increases in the number of Australians using ‘party drugs’, including ecstasy, amphetamines and cocaine, the NSW Health Minister John Hatzistergos unveiled the Amphetamines, Ecstasy and Cocaine: A Prevention and Treatment Plan 2005-2009 to tackle the use of psychostimulants in young people, long-haul truck drivers, indigenous people, injecting drug users, people […]

Sound advice

By Jane Garcia It has been quite a long time since the loudest noise in a city was the piercing “hear ye, hear ye” of the town crier. In modern cities like Melbourne, the mix of shops, restaurants, entertainment and an increasing inner-city population is forcing local councils to address the noise generated by all […]

Victorian public sector’s bully blight

By Jane Garcia Bullying and harassment continue to be a major concern for the Victorian public service, according to a survey of nearly 14,000 public sector workers by the State Services Authority’s. The People Matter Survey 2005 found only 62 per cent of public sector employees agreed that their workplace was free from bullying and […]

Information management is everyone’s business

By Lisa Simmons Last year saw a spate of document security breaches and inadvertent leaks of sensitive information in Australia and globally that have left government departments reeling with thoughts of what the consequences could be if a similar thing happened to them. In August 2005, Victorian Premier Steve Bracks said he was “sick and […]

How to woo an engineer

By Kim Powell Unless councils become more creative with the salary packages they offer, they will continue to have trouble attracting and retaining engineering staff, says Dominic Angerame, surveys and website manager for the Association of Professional Engineers, Scientists and Managers, Australia (APESMA). He says there are shortages across the board when it comes to […]

Australia’s health spending prognosis

By Jane Garcia in Sydney More than 80 delegates attending the 8th Annual Health Conference held in Sydney in March heard about diverse aspects of health care from funding frameworks and the role of the private health care industry, to workforce challenges and information technology. Health care had essentially become a luxury good, with economic […]



‘Cyber security is everyone’s business’: 5 benefits of why you should integrate cyber security

With threat actors, nation states and the risk that comes from within, Chief Information Officers (CIOs) face a formidable challenge: ensuring up to date cyber security measures in an era of constant change.

Fairer Fleet Insurance with Geotab

With Geotab’s telematics solutions, greater oversight on your vehicles and drivers means more reliable data for your insurers. Armed with greater knowledge of your fleets, they can decrease insurance costs.


EasyPark ANZ celebrates 10 years of making parking easy

They say ‘Time flies when you are enjoying yourself.’ As EasyPark celebrates 10 years since the App first went live in Australia, attention has already turned to what the next decade will bring.

More energy solutions for industry

Thousands of manufacturing and industrial companies face the challenge of reducing both emissions and operating costs. Renewable gas could provide the energy option they need.



How local councils can achieve more with storytelling

Local councils must be able to engage stakeholders in a compelling community outcomes story rather than relying on complex data and technical reports alone.