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Ditch current rate pegging system, local govt professionals say

NSW local government professionals say the rate pegging system is restricting the ability of councils to deliver services.

Sartor dismisses proposed independent commission

By Adam Coleman The NSW Government has dismissed calls from the Local Government and Shires Associations of NSW (LGSA) for an independent planning commission to make recommendations on major developments, suggesting it would more than double the number of DAs determined by the State.. Currently the Minister for Planning, Frank Sartor, can take control of a […]

Essential ingredients of good governance

By Jane Garcia There would be few public sector leaders more acutely aware of the importance of good governance than Andrew Metcalfe. He was appointed secretary of the former Federal Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs (now called the Department of Immigration and Citizenship) in July 2005, facing the challenge of reforming the accountability and […]

Bigger the car, bigger the cost

By Adam Coleman Inner-city councils are being encouraged to make owners of fuel-inefficient cars pay more for their parking as part of a popular scheme introduced by North Sydney Council. North Sydney mayor Genia McCaffery is using her role as the president of the NSW Local Government Association (LGSA) to urge councils to address climate […]

Boundaries announcement welcomed by LGANT

By Staff Writers Local Government Association of NT president Kerry Moir has welcomed the announcement by the Minister for Local Government, Elliot McAdam, on the boundaries of the proposed nine shires creates as part of the Territor Government’s reform agenda. "Consultation with member councils on the indicative boundaries nominated by the government will be important […]

Councils pay PIs to hire prostitutes

By Staff Writer Victorian local councils have taken the unusual step of paying private detectives to hire prostitutes in order to gather evidence against illegal Melbourne brothels. | Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV) president Dick Gross says the legislation requiring the use of private investigators to expose illegal brothels was unfortunate and local councils should not […]

Slow DA processing sparks reform debate

By staff writer After a comparative council report revealed many NSW councils are taking longer than the stipulated 40 days to process development applications, debate rages over how to speed up the process. A recent comparative council report card from the NSW Department of Local Government found the average processing time for a NSW development […]

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‘Cyber security is everyone’s business’: 5 benefits of why you should integrate cyber security

With threat actors, nation states and the risk that comes from within, Chief Information Officers (CIOs) face a formidable challenge: ensuring up to date cyber security measures in an era of constant change.

Fairer Fleet Insurance with Geotab

With Geotab’s telematics solutions, greater oversight on your vehicles and drivers means more reliable data for your insurers. Armed with greater knowledge of your fleets, they can decrease insurance costs.


EasyPark ANZ celebrates 10 years of making parking easy

They say ‘Time flies when you are enjoying yourself.’ As EasyPark celebrates 10 years since the App first went live in Australia, attention has already turned to what the next decade will bring.

More energy solutions for industry

Thousands of manufacturing and industrial companies face the challenge of reducing both emissions and operating costs. Renewable gas could provide the energy option they need.



How local councils can achieve more with storytelling

Local councils must be able to engage stakeholders in a compelling community outcomes story rather than relying on complex data and technical reports alone.