Government must enforce sustainable strategies

By Paul Hemsley
Local, state and federal procurement managers need to incorporate environmentally friendly products onto their supply list, says non-profit organisation Do Something.
According to the director of the Australian sustainability organisation Do Something, Jon Dee governments need to practice sustainable procurement.
Through sustainable procurement governments will also be able to be selective in their criteria to procure assets and resources.
Mr Dee said agencies could look at getting “two different suppliers making widgets” and ask them questions like; how it’s made; does it have recyclable content; have they made efforts to change the energy efficiency?”
He believes that between two hypothetical companies with an almost identical product, the one with better environmental performance will be the one to do business.
“If you ran your business the way humanity runs the planet, you’d go bust very quickly,” he said.
According to Mr Dee, local councils are leading the way in sustainability, but the federal government is falling behind because they talk about sustainability but "buy cheap from Indonesia”.
“When you implement sustainability into your day-to-day operations it can enhance operational efficiency, improve productivity and save a Council and its community a great deal of money,” he said.
Mr Dee told Government News that some companies could shave off "20 percent of fat" with sustainable policies such as procuring environmentally friendly fleets.
He also said that governments would save $10000-15000 a year if they enforce a fleet of green friendly cars such as the Citroën Picasso as opposed to the Nissan Patrol, which would also save $3000 a year on fuel.
“Why spend money on a Nissan Patrol if there is a cheaper and more environmentally friendly alternative is available,” he said.

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