Fair Work Ombudsman’s new rules for 7-Eleven wage claims imminent


By Ben Hagemann 

Only one more week remains for 7-Eleven employees to make their claims with the Wage Repayment Program, which will close on Jan 31 when the Fair Work Ombudsman’s new rules kick in. 

The program will be replaced by 7-Eleven’s Internal Investigation Unit, which will request consent from claimants to be able to disclose information, including their identities, to third parties including the franchisee.

Franchisees found to have underpaid staff will be required to rectify underpayments within 30 days, and where they do not, 7-Eleven will make an ex-gratia payment.

However, the company stated it would not make ex-gratia payments for underpayments that arose from “cash-back” conduct unless the incident was reported within 90 days of the claimant becoming aware of or participating in the behaviour.

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This story first appeared in C&I Week. 

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One thought on “Fair Work Ombudsman’s new rules for 7-Eleven wage claims imminent

  1. I have recently received outcome of my claim I lodged under 7-eleven wage repayment program aka Independent Secretariat pty ltd managed by Deloitte.

    The reason why I am writing this reply just to get an idea if FWO keeps an eye on methods and formulas they are using while calculating the amount owing for unpaid wages along with interest rates they applying for ex 7-eleven employees , If there is no such system of check and balance in place at the moment then I must say employee’s exploitation hasn’t been over yet and the system they established is not unbiased and still in favor of 7-eleven more than the victims of this scam which I feel is one of the most organized wage fraud of Australian history.

    After detailed analysis of letter I received it looks like they are just playing number game instead of taking the complete responsibility and to solve the issue while ignoring the guidelines defined by FWO , Department of Justice and RBA.

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