Delving into data: visualising needs in evolving areas

The complexities of a dynamic region like Western Sydney present myriad challenges to governments but spatial science can help service planning and delivery, writes Hamish Robertson and Nick Nicholas.

Rules for protecting citizens’ personal data

OPINION: With the Federal Government committed to a cloud-first policy, Australians have inalienable rights to know where their data is stored, and who has access to it, writes Rupert Taylor-Price.

Sustainable procurement: bottom-up efforts gain momentum

SPECIAL FEATURE: A year since the publication of a new global sustainable procurement standard, Jonathan Dutton looks at the impact on procurement and contract management in government and the corporate sector.

Asset management: are we on the right road?

Our data suggests a quarter of NSW councils are yet to develop asset management systems that would help them respond to the roads infrastructure backlog, says Annalisa Haskell.

Facing up to local government’s gender woes

Shifting the perception of councils away from “roads, rates and rubbish” will also help reflect the contribution of women in the local government workforce, writes Annalisa Haskell.


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