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Council planning partnership for Sydney ‘jewel’

Collaboration between councils, state and federal governments underpins a bold plan for Sydney.

VR tech helps council planning

A Melbourne council says VR technology can help manage community concerns around planning and development.

Post offices put out SOS to governments

Post office operators fear closures after Australia Post profits took a dive amid falling letter revenue.

Queensland to unleash croc-spotting drones

The Queensland government plans to use drone technology to spot crocodiles and assist in rescues.

The promise and perils of robot workers

Robotic process automation can increase efficiencies, improve customer service and boost employee morale, proponents say.

Tim Fischer dies aged 73

Former deputy prime minister and Nationals leader Tim Fischer has been remembered for his role as a public servant and staunch gun control advocate following his death from cancer.

Myki data leak put privacy at risk: report

Public Transport Victoria breached privacy laws by releasing information about millions of commuters.




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