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Delving into data: visualising needs in evolving areas

The complexities of a dynamic region like Western Sydney present myriad challenges to governments but spatial science can help service planning and delivery, writes Hamish Robertson and Nick Nicholas.

‘Talent pool’ saves $33m in redundancy and recruitment  

Exclusive: A new system of assessing and matching departmental staff whose roles are affected by large-scale reform could help avoid mass redundancies.

How Estonia built the world’s ‘most advanced digital society’

From monitoring the economy in real time to mapping the genome of a population, Estonia’s government continues to push the limits of digital delivery in public services.

The crisis lurking in Australia’s stormwater drains

As plastic pollution in oceans worsens, an expert is calling on councils to rethink how they manage stormwater drains to prevent plastics from entering waterways.

Councils offer aid to drought-stricken farmers

Councils in states worst affected by drought are providing support and aid to affected farmers and communities in the wake of one of the worst dry seasons in decades.

Government managers under-resourced on gender gap

Public sector middle managers are committed to tackling gender inequality but fundamentally lack the resources to achieve it, new research has revealed.

buy.nsw goes live with simplified cloud procurement

Over 100 buyers and 50 sellers are now using the NSW Government’s new ICT procurement platform, which has streamlined contracts and registration for vendors.


The business risk of Shadow IT

Recent high-profile security breaches highlight the dangers of using email as an unsecure communications channel with individuals outside an organisation.


Sustainable solutions for tenants: the final frontier

Embedded energy networks enable buildings to generate their own energy, distributed to those occupying the site, so developers and asset owners can take lifecycle responsibility for energy use on their projects.



Top Security and Risk Management Trends

In research note, Gartner provides you with insight in to key trends around security and risk management.

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