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Adam Suckling

Copyright Agency sues NSW Government

The Copyright Agency says it has been ‘pushed to the last resort’ and is suing the NSW Government over the non-payment of fees for copyrighted material being shared within and between state government agencies. The Agency is the industry body representing the copyright and licensing interests of thousands of Australian authors, publishers, photographers, and other […]

stop air pln

Battle lines drawn for energy COAG

The Council of Australian Government Energy Council meets in Hobart this Friday (24 November) to try to bring some order to Australia’s fractious energy policy. It will be the first meeting held since the announcement of the Federal Government’s National Electricity Guarantee (NEG). The Government is promoting the NEG as an alternative to the Chief […]

Bentley smart city

Lucky country, smart city – Opinion

Australia has long held a reputation for being the ‘Lucky Country’. That has largely been the case over the past 25 years. Our economy has the averted the financial crises that have plagued the USA and Europe. Most industries, with relatively high amounts of low-cost capital at their disposal, have grown steadily. But has this […]


Free rego in NSW for heavy toll users

The NSW Government will introduce free vehicle registration for the owners of private vehicles who spend more than $1300 a year on Sydney toll roads. Sydney’s growing motorway system is heavily tolled, with the revenue going to private operators to offset the price they have paid to buy and operate the infrastructure. There has been […]

Norfolk Island

Federal takeover a ‘disaster’ for Norfolk Island

Norfolk Island is ‘on the brink of disaster’, says an independent report on the island’s economic situation. The report was commissioned by the island’s small community following the Australian Government’s abolition of self-government in July 2016 and the imposition of direct rule. Norfolk Island’s 1700 residents are now subject to the same laws – and […]


Jury still out on police body cameras

The Australian Institute of Criminology (AIC) has published a report on the effectiveness of police body-worn cameras in Australia. The report is based on interviews with 899 people detained by police across Australia. It also examines some of the existing literature on body-worn cameras (BWCs), highlighting many of the issues surrounding their use. The findings […]

big data

Big data 2.0 a big opportunity for government

A recent audit by Australia’s Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) revealed that there are currently over 70 significant IT projects in the Federal Government. With an estimated lifetime cost of $7.2 billion, it is clear that digital in government is here to stay. Although it strategy into cloud and open source is clear, part of the […]


PIRSA wins public sector management prize

South Australia’s Department of Primary Industries and Regions (PIRSA) has won the top prize at this year’s Prime Minister’s Awards for Excellence in Public Sector Management. The Gold award was given for PIRSA’s South Australian River Murray Sustainability (SARMS), a $265 million program funded by the Australian Government under a National Partnership Agreement, which is […]


First Smart Cities funding announced

The Australian Government has made its first grants under its Smart Cities and Suburbs Program. The grants are to Darwin to ‘switch on’ the city, and to a number of smaller projects in Perth. The program, announced in March 2017 has earmarked $50 million for projects across Australia, with 40 percent of the total to […]

web metrics

How do LGAs measure digital transformation?

The new ANZ Local Government Digital Maturity Index (DMI) surveyed over 100 local government authorities in Australia and New Zealand about the extent to which they are digitising their internal processes and the delivery of their services. It also shows the extent to which LGAs are measuring the extent of their digitisation. The DMI shows […]


Social media an important government channel

Social media is now a major channel through which Australia’s government sector disseminates information. It is also increasingly important in other ways – as a way of measuring community reaction to government initiatives, for example. The ninth annual Social Media for Government Summit in Melbourne has heard from dozens of government speakers about how social […]