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Place Branding Australia set for Vivid return

Place branding can be a powerful tool for councils, and unpacking how to access it will be an underlying theme of this year's Place Branding Australia conference.

New VLGA appointment vows to lift governance standards

VLGA has appointed local government professional Rhys Thomas to a senior role.

Victoria appoints new Emergency Management Inspector General

Senior Victorian public servant Dr Emily Phillips is the state's new Inspector-General for Emergency Management.

APS hybrid work is here to stay, report finds

Hybrid working is here to stay, and the benefits outweigh the negatives, according to a new report.

NSW MoG changes will ‘boost investment, creative economy’

Investment NSW will be transferred to the Premier's Department from July.

15 councils participate in SA emissions reduction trial

A unique trial is equipping councils with tools and resources to drive down emissions and compete for extra federal funding.

Qld council welcomes progress on massive battery system

Moreton Bay City Council has welcomed the announcement that construction of one of the state's biggest battery systems is set to begin.

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Culverts: Delivering Streams of innovation

Mostly unseen, culverts allow waterways to flow while supporting roads and rail networks. Many culverts are now ripe for attention, highlighting the essential role they play in our Regional and Metro infrastructure.

Seeking greater innovation, optimised services and operational excellence?

Seeking greater innovation, optimised services and operational excellence? Service integration and management could be the answer!


That’s using plastic for good

Not all plastics are the same. Take engineered plastic pipes. Unlike single use plastics, plastic pipes are long-life products, not single use, made from materials engineered to be robust, reliable, recyclable with a service life in excess of 100 years.



Secure, Sustainable, Local: Acer Leads

Acer emphasises local manufacturing in Western Sydney, uniting advanced security with innovation to support government operations. This strategic focus enhances quality, sustainability, and job creation, showcasing Acer's commitment to empowering Australia's future.