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Call for action on dilapidated bridges 

Expert says councils do not have sufficient funds to repair or replace thousands of ageing timber bridges and warns ‘something must be done’.

‘Total disregard for ethical responsibility’

Commonwealth entities should be audited to ensure they are acting ethically and in compliance with procurement rules, says Senate inquiry.

Smart fleets help councils boost mileage

From tracking the location of vehicles to understanding driver behaviour, telematics is transforming fleet management.   

Break down the silos, says data chief

Australian governments must share data to realise its potential as an operational and strategic asset.

‘New era of disasters’ warrants response rethink

A leading strategist has warned that Australian governments’ disaster responses underestimate the magnitude and cumulative impact of climate change.

Councils brace for ‘retirement wave’

Experts warn that local government is among the sectors most ‘exposed’ to an ageing workforce, underscoring the importance of good workforce planning.

Helping agencies deliver ‘high-impact messages’

A new framework provides ‘a recipe’ for improving compliance through written communications, researchers say.





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