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Federal financial relations unfit for modern world: report

A report on federal financial relations has recommended sweeping reform including increasing the GST and getting rid of stamp duty.

Ipswich Council comes clean on financial information

Ipswich has launched open government platform in a first of Australian councils.

Govt stands by controversial national logo

Australia's new $10 million national brand logo bears an unfortunate resemblance to a coronavirus.

Putting arts and culture at the centre of Covid recovery

Artist and urban planner Peter Ciemitis talks to GN about the role of the arts in Covid recovery.

First sovereign cloud company wins Defence tick

There are concerns certification gaps have opened up around government cloud providers.

Poor food safety regulation puts WA public at risk

An auditor has told councils in WA to lift their game on food safety regulation.

National geographical rollout of NDIS complete

Christmas Island and the Cocos Islands have joined the NDIS in a major milestone for the scheme.


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