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wind farm

Renewable energy targets – a state-by state comparison

Australia is blessed – and cursed – with a federal system of government. It allows greater diversity, and also causes problems when it comes to the coordination of service delivery. The biggest disparity is have always been in education and health. In the last few years energy and climate change policy have also become contentious. […]


Canada to buy old RAAF jets?

Australia could be the beneficiary of a growing trade dispute between Canada and the USA. The Trump administration is threatening to place heavy 300 percent import duties on Canadian aircraft manufacturer Bombardier because US manufacturer Boeing says the Canadians receive unfair government assistance. Canada has responded by saying it will not buy US fighter aircraft, […]

robot law

Experts raise concerns on AI in law and government

A US artificial intelligence thinktank has raised serious concerns about the use of the technology in government, and especially in the legal system. Artificial intelligence (AI) is the use of computers to simulate human thought. AI is increasingly being used to make decisions in business, most notably in systems called robotic process automation (RPA), which […]

State Solar

Renewables, climate and intergovernmental relations – OPINION

The Federal Government’s refusal to adopt the Chief Scientist’s recommendation for a Clean Energy Target has been roundly criticised by its political opponents. As you would expect. But what does it mean for the relationships between Australia’s different levels of government? The Government’s new policy sees the end of any subsidy for renewable energy after […]

Mitchell Ross

‘Buy local’ purchasing plan backfires

On 7 September the Federal Government implemented a new Stationery and Office Supplies (SOS II) Panel. Last year sales through the previous SOS Panel were worth $38 million. One supplier says the new contract unfairly favours foreign-owned companies over Australian suppliers, because the only manufacturer of Australian made indigenous paper refuses to supply the only […]


CIOs and the transition to digital government

Ongoing economic uncertainty and a slowdown in government technology investment continue to delay or limit the adoption of digital innovation and radically redesigned service models. But CIOs at all levels of government can help ease the path. Part of the problem is that the structure of government has remained largely unchanged for more than half […]


Australia’s cities not so ‘liveable’ after all

Australia’s big cities often rate well on international ‘liveability’ indexes. But all is not as it seems. Life for many residents in Australia’s cities isn’t nearly as good as we would like to believe, a new report from RMIT University has found. The new ‘Creating Liveable Cities in Australia’ study is the culmination of five […]

UK green

UK Government to adopt carbon pricing

While climate and energy policy in Australia remain mired in acrimonious squabbling, the UK’s Conservative Government has released a bold new plan for a low carbon future. And it includes a carbon price. The new UK Clean Growth Strategy is a comprehensive 163 page document. It was released on 12 October by Business and Energy […]


Affordable housing needs strong leadership

State based affordable housing schemes only work if supported by strong political leadership. That’s the key finding of a major new report, ‘Government led innovations in affordable housing delivery’. The report, by the Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute (AHURI) analysed the affordable housing market in Australia. It found that effective strategies and programs: rely […]