NICTA scores extra $42 million funding

By Julian Bajkowski The Rudd government has announced that cornerstone research and development body National Information and Communications Technology Australia (NICTA) will get a further $42 million in funding over 2015 to 2016 as Labor moves quickly to press home its perceived electoral advantage on technology and skills development. Minister Assisting for the Digital Economy, […]

NICTA called-in to plumb depths at Sydney Water

By Julian Bajkowski Top boffins at Australia’s government-funded information technology research and development lab, NICTA, have been called in to help fix notoriously leaky plumbing at state owned utility, Sydney Water. A statement released by the two organisations says that under a new agreement, NICTA’s machine learning capabilities will be applied to try and predict […]

NICTA and RTA work on improving traffic incidents

By Lilia Guan   NICTA and the NSW RTA have renewed their research agreement, to develop new systems to improve the management of traffic incidents on the State’s roads.   The agreement was part of the RTA’s ongoing commitment to improve incident responses, consistent with the Moroney Report on the F3 traffic incident in April […]


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