South Australian councils want feedback on corruption

By Paul Hemsley The Local Government Association of South Australia (LGA) has commissioned Adelaide University to run an independent survey on people’s views about corruption, misconduct and maladministration in councils. The study will be conducted through the state government’s Local Government Research and Development Scheme to give the LGA an insight on public attitudes towards […]

Victoria proposes Parliamentary Integrity Commissioner

The Victorian Government has released draft plans for a Parliamentary Integrity Commissioner for public comment and feedback. The establishment of a Parliamentary Integrity Commission extends the State’s integrity and anti-corruption system to include MPs, Ministers and ministerial staff. Deputy Premier Rob Hulls said the Commissioner would be a “unique, specialist integrity body” empowered to receive […]

Tasmania’s new corruption watchdog open for business

Tasmania has marked an important milestone in its legal and political history, with the launch of the newly established Integrity Commission. Chief Commissioner, Murray Kellam, said the primary focus of the new Integrity Commission was one of prevention, education and advice. “Our key challenges are to prevent misconduct in the first place and to enhance […]

Independent body on research integrity

Innovation Minister Senator Kim Carr has announced a new independent body to ensure institutions appropriately respond to allegations of research misconduct. Senator Carr said the Australian Research Integrity Committee would provide greater confidence in the ethical standards of researchers. “This is about ensuring that taxpayers get value for their investment in public sector research and […]

ICAC begins Burwood Council inquiry

By Angela Dorizas The general manager of Burwood Council in inner-west Sydney is accused of spending more than $44,000 of ratepayers’ money on surveillance of a man he believed was having an affair with his wife. The general manager, Pat Romano, is the subject of an ICAC public inquiry into allegations of corrupt conduct at […]

ICAC to investigate Burwood Council general manager

By Angela Dorizas A council in inner-west Sydney has ordered its general manager to step-down from his duties pending the outcome of an ICAC investigation. Burwood Council general manager Pat Romano will be the subject of a two-week ICAC public hearing into allegations that he used council staff and equipment to renovate a block of […]

Ombudsman report finds rise in agency complaints

By Rob O’Brien An annual report by the Commonwealth Ombudsman has found a marked increase in people complaining about the services of government agencies. The Commonwealth Ombudsman 2008-2009 Annual Report tabled in Parliament found that complaints to government agencies were up 14 per cent on the year before. The majority (79 per cent) of complaints […]

Lobbyists banned from receiving success fees

By Angela Dorizas The Queensland Government will become the first in Australia to legislate a ban on the payment of success fees to lobbyists who achieve favourable outcomes from government for their clients. Premier Anna Bligh’s announcement comes just weeks after former MP Gordon Nuttall was jailed for accepting secret payments from businessmen. She said […]

Investigation into SA council given green light by Gago

By Rob O’Brien The City of Burnside could become the first South Australian council in 15 years to face an independent investigation into council misconduct, it was announced today. An investigation into the council was given the green light in an announcement by the South Australian Minister for Local Government Gail Gago following preliminary enquiries concluded by the Office of State and […]


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