More than 50,000 public sector jobs lost in four years

By Julian Bajkowski More than 50,000 state government public service jobs have been eliminated in the last four years as consecutive waves of downsizing continue to take their toll on already stretched departments which are being forced to do far more work with substantially fewer staff. That’s the tough picture being painted for public sector […]

Attacks get local in QLD over Beattie’s Canberra push

By Julian Bajkowski The saying goes that all politics is local and Queensland Minister for Local Government Community Recovery and Resilience, David Crisafulli is clearly a believer. The man put in charge of deconstructing the former Labor government's deeply unpopular policy of welding local governments together has wasted no time in reminding his state’s councils […]

Queensland sells $1.5b of QR National

By Paul Hemsley Queensland Treasurer Tim Nicholls has announced the government will try to offload shares in its freight rail company QR National it says are worth around $1.5 billion. The government says the big sell-off is necessary to raise money that can contribute to paying down the previous Labor government’s debt. Originally, the Liberal […]

Councils to decide if de-amalgamation is too costly

By Paul Hemsley The Queensland state government has moved to roll-back controversial mega-councils formed through forced mergers and asked local governments to put forward their case on whether they want previous jurisdictional boundaries restored. The potential break-up of the mega councils is part of wider push to decentralise administration and local governments by recently elected […]


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