Financial advisor faces $25m lawsuit

By Angela Dorizas Melbourne based green technology group, Ceramic Fuel Cells, has begun a $25 million case against Oakvale Capital, a financial advisory firm used by a number of councils across Australia. The case against Oakvale Capital began in the Federal Court on July 22. IMF Australia is funding the case on behalf of Ceramic […]

Conference to examine council investments

The inaugural Local Government Investment Conference has teed up seven top speakers to distill the lessons of the global financial crisis (GFC) and map out the fiscal future for Australia’s councils. Held on March 9 in Sydney, the Conference will be headlined by Local Government Managers Australia (LGMA) chief executive John Ravlic. In a session […]

Councils given green light to pursue lost investments

By Angela Dorizas A ruling by the Federal Court has cleared the way for councils to pursue legal action against collapsed US investment bank Lehman Brothers. The Federal Court found against the validity of a Deed of Company Arrangement (DOCA) put forward by the administrators PPB and Lehman Brothers Asia, which had prevented 38 councils […]

First anniversary of Lehman Brothers collapse

By Angela Dorizas This week marks the first anniversary of the collapse of US investment bank Lehman Brothers, which sent shockwaves around the world and brought the global financial system to its knees. Griffith Business School Professor of Finance, Michael Drew, said the collapse of Lehman Brothers demonstrated “multiple failures” in the current global financial […]

FEATURE: Dear Prudence

Since the 2008 Cole Inquiry into faulty council investments a new financial conservatism has taken over local government. But the pressure is already on to find more high-returning investment opportunities, writes David Chaplin. Chris Russell has a clear recollection of the day Grange Securities tanked in South Australia. Facing down the crowd a few years […]

Councils lose in Lehman Bros pay out plan

By Angela Dorizas Councils that invested with failed bank Lehman Brothers Australia will recoup between 2c and 13c in the dollar after creditors decided against winding up the company. Creditors have approved a deed put forward by Lehman Brothers Asia to ensure that Lehman Brothers’ executives receive the $11 million in pay owing to them, which […]

Federal Court upholds Lehman Bros appeal

By Angela Dorizas The Federal Court has upheld an appeal by the administrators of Lehman Brothers Australia to block Wingecarribee Shire Council’s access to the company’s insurance documents. The council has been involved in a legal battle with the failed bank since 2007, in an attempt to recoup losses made through investing in collateralised debt […]

Federal Court hears Lehamn Bros appeal

By Staff Writer Failed investment bank Lehman Brothers Australia will appeal against the Federal Court’s decision to allow a former council client to access the company’s insurance policies. The matter will be heard before three judges in the Federal Court today. Last week the court ruled that Wingiecarribee Shire Council was entitled to access the insurance policies of […]

Council digs for Lehman’s insurance policies

Wingecarribee Shire Council is seeking to recoup losses made from CDO investments. Image: iStock By Angela Dorizas Wingecarribee Shire Council in New South Wales has won the right to proceed with attempts to access the insurance policies of collapsed US investment bank Lehman Brothers. The council has been involved in a $2.5 million lawsuit against Lehman Brothers […]

Call for councils to sue for lost investments

By Angela Dorizas Councils that have lost funds through high-risk investments in structured instruments, including collaterised debt obligations (CDOs), may have a litigation case against financial advisers and rating agencies, says IMF. The litigation funder has agreed to back a $25 million claim by Melbourne-based clean energy company Ceramic Fuel Cells (CFCL) against “various parties” […]

Maitland Council investments under review

By Angela Dorizas The New South Wales Department of Local Government said it would take a closer look at Maitland City Council’s investment portfolio and reporting in response to council’s differing accounts of the number of collateralised debt obligations (CDOs) it holds. Maitland Council issued a press release, dated 3 April 2008, claiming to have […]

Maitland Council caught in investment maze

By Angela Dorizas Maitland City Council has potentially misled constituents on its exposure to financial investments tied to the US sub-prime crisis. The NSW Department of Local Government (DLG) is now taking a closer look at the council's investment portfolio in response to differing accounts of the number of collaterlaised debt obligations (CDOs) the council held. […]

NSW Government responds to subprime investment

The NSW Government has issued a revised order to guide local council investment practices following a review that found some councils investments were linked to the sub-prime mortgage market. The Government commissioned the Cole Report to address concerns about council investments in financial products – known as collaterised debt obligations or CDOs – that were […]

Win to Wingecarribee in battle against Lehman Bros

By Angela Dorizas The administrators of Lehman Brothers Australia will be required to hand over details of the bank’s insurance policies, including personal indemnity insurance, to a former council client. Wingecarribee Shire Council in New South Wales has won Federal Court approval to uncover the insurance policies of Lehman’s in its bid to recoup funds lost through […]


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